Ramadan Eid Fair in Sydney unites all from different faiths

By Manju Mittal

The annual event Ramadan Eid Fair organised by Sashi Lal on June 1, 2019 at Whitlam Centre Liverpool, was a crowded event. People started to trickle in from mid day and families, friends, community all slowly building up in numbers as the evening progressed. Many VIPs graced as guests at the program and people turned up to this wonderful Ramadan Eid event, a fair where there were many attractions and a lot to offer to all age groups. Children were enjoying various rides, playing with colourful balloons, some were getting face painted and others eating their favourite candy floss. Women were busy buying traditional jewellery, clothes and getting beautiful henna designs done on their palms. There was an array of food stalls selling favourite multicultural food of kebabs, biryani, dosa, chana bhatura, in abundance and enjoyed by all.

What’s food without the entertainment. With performers performing live in various art forms from every part of world including classical, Bollywood, Sufi and fashion shows, it was a fun place to be enjoying the festival with your friends. It was as if the world was united all under one roof. People of Islamic faith from all the countries sharing a platform and mixing and mingling wishing the best for ”˜Eid’ to each other, nationalities or origin did not matter, even the religion. Talented singers and dancers of Sydney entertained audience which had gathered in full force. Dances by young children brought the spirit of glorious Ramadan Eid festival alive. Highlight of the night was Road2Bollywood presentation ”“ a Hijab fashion show; first time in Australia showcased the Muslim cultural costumes from the multicultural background.

Throughout the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Muslims across the globe fast from sunrise to sunset. Muslims begin their fast with the sahoor, an early breakfast encouraged by the Prophet Muhammad, and break it with the iftar before going to the mosque and attending the night prayer that lasts till after midnight. This Ramadan Mela ( fair ) depicts the true spirit of multiculturalism with people living and enjoying each other’s company regardless of faith they belong to.

Sashi Lal, the solo organiser of the event said, “I am trying to keep this tradition alive here in Sydney, Ramadan is one such gathering of people hailing from multi faiths who can and live in harmony in Australia,” as she thanked the volunteers and supporters in assisting the event.

A special mention must be made about exceptionally this energetic It was was vibrant, remarkable and a great night to be a part in a truly festive atmosphere.

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