Small steps can help make a giant leap for India

Indian Government’s ambitious scheme to provide electricity to every household in the country has achieved remarkable success with 15 states reporting 100% electrification.

Saubhagya ”“ Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana was launched in September 2017, with an objective to provide access to electricity to all the remaining households in the country. As many as 2.1 crore connections have been provided since the scheme’s launch.

Electrification has direct positive impact on the quality of all aspects of daily life, especially to the women and children. With deeper penetration, significant improvement is expected in other services like education, health, communication, etc. It gives a boost to economic activities leading to employment generation, increase in income and poverty alleviation.

In order to ensure that no un-electrified household is left in the States which have already achieved 100% household electrification, they have been requested to take up the campaign to publicise the achievement all across the areas. For creating healthy competition amongst various power departments of States and distribution companies (DISCOMs), an award scheme has been instituted with awards of more than ₹300 crore to be won by States/Discoms.

Under the Ujjwala scheme, the centre has provided free cooking gas connections to 30.98 million poor families, as on 23 May.

The Ujjwala scheme, which was said to have contributed to the BJP’s victory in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections in March 2017, has now expanded its ambit to include 80 million poor families.

Experts say the initiative was “a social movement to improve women’s health by giving them freedom from sooty kitchens and hazards of collecting firewood”.

The wellknown and a popular Swachh Bharat Mission, or clean India campaign, supported and promoted by the likes of Amitabh Bachchan and many other Bollywood actors as ambassadors of the movement. Most Indians want to be part of this ambitious campaign but do not fully follow the cleanliness regimen around their neighbourhood. The awareness of a clean and healthy India has enabled the movement to make deep political inroads into India’s semi-urban and rural landscape. With 10 crore household toilets constructed under the Swatchh Bharat scheme, one expects India to be slowly reaching the target of a clean India.

These above mentioned are some of the small steps that the BJP government has taken to take the country on the road of a healthy, happy and clean nation with strong economy.

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