Sydney siders join the world on Yoga Day

By Vijay Badhwar

Thanks to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that Yoga has now gained recognition worldwide with June 21 now internationally observed for getting together for Yoga to bring a universal awareness for its physical and mental benefits for practitioners.

Now in its 5th year, the Vivekananda Cultural Centre of the Indian Consulate in Sydney observed the day with enthusiasts practising ancient yoga postures guided by an on-screen video (which can be downloaded by individuals from the official website) and a yoga teacher in person, the meditation session at the end being most relaxing.

The new Indian Consul General, Manish Gupta, was among the frontline practitioners and echoed the wisdom of PM Modi to practice Yoga for balance and harmony in life.

Mr Modi was at Ranchi in India on the 5th International Day of Yoga and emphasised, “Yoga should be an integral part of our lives as it goes hand-in-hand with wellness. Embrace yoga and make it part of your daily routine”, he said.

“Yoga is ancient and modern. It is constant and evolving. For centuries, the essence of Yoga has remained the same: healthy body, stable mind; spirit of oneness. Yoga provides a perfect blend of knowledge, work and devotion,” Mr Modi said.

Some of the postures at the session at the Consulate needed regular practice to bring about the required flexibility but it was a good sight to see even some seniors going through the full routines. They were the biggest participants being a working day. A sumptuous South Indian lunch was served that was welcome after the exercises and also as a backdrop to catch up with friends.

The following day was a Saturday and it attracted a much larger crowd at Bradfield Park in the background of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House across the harbour. Nearly two hundred participants of all ages, young and old, local and of Indian background, took part and created a panorama at the most-loved Sydney landmark.

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