‘Ten Years to Home’ – a play by Sonal Moore on August 2 and 3

Ten Years to Home’, a play written by Sonal Moore and directed by Jules Orcullo, tells the story of why Sonal’s parents first came to Australia and what made them stay. Looked at through the eyes of three generations of women, the play reveals the challenges faced by an Indian family living a long way from home and in a predominantly white Australia. It also shows the friendship that was extended to them until ten years later, Australia had also become home. The play centres on Sonal’s parents’ story while the stories of Sonal and her two daughters show the crossover of the Indian and Australian cultures. Sonal’s father is the common thread through the play. The play spans 10 years and gives a snapshot into the change of both India and Australia in the 1960s, which ultimately paved the way for the greater Asian migration in the early 1970s.

Ten Years to Home is an outcome of Drama~Sutra playwriting project. A project undertaken first time in Australia to incubate writings that wouldn’t have been possible without Nautanki Theatre Company’s commitment to showcase alternate narratives from the fastest growing migrant community. Nautanki Theatre is passionate about creating new opportunities for actors and creatives. Company’s aim is to produce creative space with a true representation of contemporary Australia providing equal access to everyone. Nautanki Theatre’s objective is to work with CaLD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) community, refugee or migrant people facilitating social inclusion, creating a voice to vanguard their cultural identity. Working specifically with South Asian migrant community, they are in the process of creating a new audience base representing the demography from Parramatta, Blacktown, Hills District and parts of Inner City. Nautanki Theatre presents their works in partnership with Riverside Theatre encouraging this new CaLD audience to join with greater Australian theatregoers to attend and support live theatre in Western Sydney.
Jules Orcullo is a Filipina-Australian theatre-maker. Her theatre making is interested in real-time togetherness, our relationships to our bodies, and crossed cultural lines.

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