Avijit’s guidance and Sadiq’s motivation behind my success, says Kerman

By Kersi Meher-Homji

An Avijit Sarkar concert appeals to us in many ways. It takes us back to our youthful years, nostalgia unlimited. You come home not only humming old tunes but also richer in your knowledge on legendary singers and composers.

During his concert in Sydney last month, Avijit not only conducted music of composers Laxmikant and Pyarelal but also gave us nuggets of information on the famous duo. I am still humming Ek pyaar ka nagma haiSawan ka mahina pawan kare sorHasta hua nurani chehra… not to forget the comical duet Hum tum kamre me bandh ho, aur chaabi kho jaye

In the past The Indian Down Under had the pleasure to interview stars of the Natraj Academy; Lata Mangeshkar-like singer Pushpa Jagadish, Sadiq Rehmani on guitar, Abhijit Dan on tabla and crooner Srijani Dan among other talented musicians.

In the recent concert I was impressed by singer Kerman Mistry’s versatility, especially his duet with Sumedha Manjure: Naa Chaahoon Sonaa Chaandi from the movie Bobby. Kerman hails from Surat and is an IT developer, holding the degree of MCA (Master of Computer Applications).

Below is my interview with Kerman Mistry:

How long have you been singing in concerts?
Kerman: The earliest I can remember is singing prayers in school assembly in a group. Later in my college days, graduation as well as post-graduation, I had a few opportunities to sing solos in competitions as well as in annual college functions. I was fortunate to be selected to represent my college for a group performance on All India Radio. After college the music scene in my life got quite dull, until I joined the Natraj Academy in 2013, after migrating to Australia in 2005. The first time I sang in Sydney was in Natraj Academy’s concert in December 2013. Since then, I have been lucky enough to be selected to sing every year in our annual concerts.
How long do you practice, rehearse before a concert? 

Kerman: The preparation starts months before the concert. After the theme of the concert is decided, the preparation starts with the selection of songs, the duet partner and the chorus teams. By having an emotional connection and soaking in the intricacies of e