Rajah, the nation’s pride!

A poem by Saanvi Tara

In the residence of the Savannah,
lives one, feared by all,
with a tangerine colour; shades of red here and there.
Your textured skin girdled with black,
a wonderful creation by Him, really,
with white, sharp teeth inherited from the saber tooth,
you stand tall amidst them all.

There once was a time wherein you ran and preyed, 
but now the circumstance is completely changed. 
You were supposed to be free,
free to run, free to prey,
free to live.
But I wonder why you are here?
Trapped like a bird in its cage,
like an innocent man unable to escape his woes.
In the cold blood of our desires will be the reason why,
we snatch the beauty of nature, of God, to be precise.

Oh Rajah, you are believably our nation’s pride.
But I reckon who treats an eminent like this? 
It would certainly be my greatest desire,
to wake up to a world full of love and pride for its treasures.
But until then, my friend,
Until then.

Saanvi Tara, aged 13 years is a student of Standard 8th in India. Besides being an exceptional student in academics, she is an avid reader of thrillers and fictional books. She has a flair for writing poems on topics varying from environment to nationalism, many of her poetic works have been published in various online and print media. Saanvi holds a brown belt in karate. In her recent work, she pours her heart out on cruelty towards animals and appeals mankind to stop it.

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