Super Deluxe is all heart!

By Devaki Parthasarathy

There are movies, then there are great movies and then there’s Super Deluxe movies! With this movie, Director Thiagarajan Kumararaja has set the bar too high for others to follow.

In the movie four stories run parallely but are somehow connected. There is a heartless and horny cop, a quirky don, a publicity crazy politician, a greedy doctor, unwanted neighbours, a loyal Man Friday, an unfaithful wife, an adoring mother and more in this brilliantly imaginative and realistic movie! Everything about the movie feels alien (pun intended) but is an exact replica of real life. Love, respect and acceptance between the various characters ”“ mother and son, father and son, husband and wife – sets this movie lightyears ahead of any Indian cinematic experience. It looks at perversion, sex, porn, sexuality, and god or lack thereof with a new set of eyes.   I loved the climax where all these lives are brilliantly woven together in a voice over philosophy, which creates a greater impact and connects all the important dialogues in the movie. If I say any more, I will give away the plot which I am loathe to in this instance!

The performances are first-rate all around. Vijay Sethupathi’s Shilpa is second to none! Fahadh and Samantha are sheer genius! Mysskin and Ramya Krishnan are solid while the gang of boys are so true to that age. Bucks is brilliant! But my heart from now on belongs to Ashwath, who makes us want to hug him. There is brilliant array of thought provoking dialogues and statements, black comedy, double entendres, swear words, WTF moments, social commentary, romance, sentiment and even a musing on what it means to be life on Earth. The movie is everything but most of all, all heart!

It is available on Netflix”¦.. absolute must watch for all Tamilians and with subtitles all Indians!

DeeScore: 4.5/5 ( it did drag a bit 🙂 )

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