Usher Deepavali by preparing your home with good Vastu

Vasthu Sastra by T. Selva

 Hindus throughout the world will celebrate Deepavali soon and it
means so much to the community because it is the coming of light into
the world.
This is also the day when revellers, young and old, look forward to
being blessed with good health, happiness and prosperity.
All the tales related to the festival of lights have one basic thing
in common: the festival celebrates the destruction of evil by the
forces of good.
And so what would be the best way to usher Deepavali?
In Vasthu Sastra, preparing the home for the big event plays a vital
role in the celebration because unkempt premises will not attract the
presence of the goddess of fortune, Devi Lakshmi.
You should start getting the house ready at least two weeks or a month
before Deepavali because you need to look at basic things like the
structure of the house, even before the more superficial things, like
cleaning and decorating.
To begin with, take a long, hard look at the exterior of your house.
This is the face that will be presented to the goddess so it should be
See if there is peeling paint that needs to be touched up, if rust on
gates and grills needs to be removed.
In fact, consider repainting these items in cheerful colours. Black
and grey should be avoided as they are dull and create a feeling of
Remove weeds, trim the grass and make sure colourful flowering plants
without thorns, like orchids, hibiscus and jasmine, decorate the
garden, walkways and line the driveway.

Fused bulbs in outdoor lights, broken or cracked tiles, and cracked
walls and window panes should be patched or replaced as such flaws are
not only unsightly but also inauspicious.
This is also the best time to discard all clutter ”“ broken and
unwanted items (especially broken or cracked mirrors), shoes, toys,
furniture, electrical goods, and unused clothes should all go.
Clutter radiates negative energy so disposing of it will clear the way
for positive cosmic energies to flow into the space thus lifting
spirits and ushering in prosperity.

Once the space has been cleared, it’s time to clean it. Remove all
cobwebs, dirt and dust from all surfaces and corners of the house.
Be especially vigilant about spider webs as they are signs of
misfortune ”“ they indicate that the owner will run up debts.
On the eve of the festival, after thoroughly cleaning and washing the
space, burn incense to purify the house and remove unseen entities and
negative energies.
It is recommended that those in business should make Deepavali day
itself the start of their new financial year by opening new account
On the morning of the auspicious day on Oct 29, it’s best that
everyone in the house rises early and has oil baths to remove
impurities externally and to attune muscles and nerves to positive
Following this, change into bright, new clothes ”“ avoid unfavourable
colours like black, dark blue and grey as such tone dampen the festive
spirit and does not woo positive energies.
It is believed that mango leave can attract subtle positive energies;
the tradition is to tie 11 leaves across the top of the main doorway
of the house.
Deepavali is represented by fire, which is one of the five elements in
Vasthu Sastra (the others are ether, air, water and earth), and it is
the most powerful carrier of our messages and prayers to the cosmic
Fire represents light; this is why oil lamps should be placed at the
doorway of the house and on the walls to banish darkness and bestow
wisdom and divinity on the property.
The ancient texts say that the oil lamp represents the inner spiritual
light of an individual and that this should be reflected outside.
The festival also brings unity and is a time for loved ones to
strengthen ties with one another. This is also the best time to make
the effort to put aside differences, to renew long-lost acquaintances
and mend soured relationships.
Cheer should be brought into the house by inviting friends and
neighbours to visit and treating them to sweets and goodies so they
leave with happy memories.
Happy Deepavali to all readers!

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