Zohra – Afghanistan’s first all-female orchestra – debut performance in Sydney

Afghanistan’s first all-female orchestra are performing in Sydney and Melbourne to celebrate 50 years of bilateral relations between Afghanistan and Australia – giving Australians the rare opportunity to witness the internationally acclaimed Zohra orchestra.

Hailing from Afghanistan’s only music school, the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, the Zohra Orchestra will be performing in Sydney next week.

When: Monday 14 October at 6.30pm

Where: Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House

Premier of NSW, the Honorable Gladys Berejiklian, said the performance was a unique opportunity to strengthen the cultural relations between Afghanistan and Australia.

“This remarkable tour will provide audiences with unique insights into Afghani musical traditions and enable extraordinary young musicians to share their musical gifts and stories across cultures,” said Premier Berejiklian.

“Members of the orchestra embody the nation’s achievements in empowering girls and women, and its success in rebuilding its cultural and economic future after more than 30 years of war and civic turmoil.”

Tickets for both events are available at www.afghanaustralia.com.au

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