Kareena Kapoor throws her support behind the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020

One of Bollywood’s biggest stars has thrown her support behind players competing in next year’s ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, during a visit to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) this morning.

As organisers count down the days to potentially break an attendance record at a women’s sporting fixture, Kareena Kapoor, the Indian actress and presenter, was joined by both the men’s and women’s ICC T20 World Cup 2020 trophies when she walked onto the ground of the world’s largest cricket stadium.

Speaking from the boundary line ahead of Australia’s Men’s T20 match against Sri Lanka, Kapoor discussed the importance of countries like India having a national women’s team. “When they invited me here to talk about the women’s team, I couldn’t say no, because it’s so important. Who says that women can’t play sport, and especially cricket!” Kapoor said. “I’m just so proud to have”¦so many Indian women cricketers and”¦like I said, is there anything women can’t do?”

Kapoor’s father-in-law was former acclaimed Indian captain Mansoor Ali Khan ”˜Tiger’ Pataudi. He has also taken to the field at the MCG, playing what has been considered his finest ever innings during India’s 1967- 68 tour of Australia. Touching on her young son’s love of cricket, Kapoor said whilst there was no pressure on him, she did hope he would follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. “He’s playing a little bit of cricket, a little bit of football and he’s going to figure it out”¦I hope in my heart of hearts [he chooses cricket] as I would rather have him play cricket than act. I would love my son to be a sportsman so let’s see.”

Kapoor, who has previously shot films in Melbourne and Sydney and is visiting Australia this week for a range of engagements, was then taken on a tour of the MCG, which will host the final of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup on 8 March 2020. Well-known and loved in India, Kapoor boasts over 4M Instagram followers and a legion of listeners across her radio show, which touches on topics and issues faced by women today.

In 2020, Australia will host two ICC T20 World Cups, with the women’s and men’s tournaments to be played as standalone events across Australia.

”¢ ICC Women’s T20WC: 21 Feb ”“ 8 Mar 2020

”¢ ICC Men’s T20WC: 18 Oct ”“ 15 Nov 2020

Tickets to both the women’s and men’s ICC T20 World Cups are on sale now at tickets.t20worldcup.com with adult prices from $20 and kids tickets from $5.

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