Nim Gholkar’s third book ‘A Little Wiser, A Little Happier’ helps you explore life from multiple angles

Author Nim Gholkar addressing the attendees

By Rekha Rajvanshi

A writer turned motivational speaker, Nim Gholkar launched her third book, a non-fiction self-help easy-read titled ‘A LITTLE WISER, A LITTLE HAPPIER’, on Thursday, December 5, 2019.

Nim Gholkar, Ryde Councillor Bernard Purcell and ASAF Co-founders Ash Gholkar, Kedar Pagaddinnimath and guests

Nim Gholkar’s first book ”˜Diary of an Immigrant Wife’ gained a lot of popularity and sold very well.  Then came her second book ”˜Unlock the Real You’ which suggested strategies for getting ahead in life personally and professionally.  Nim also travels extensively as a motivational speaker and business coach, with appearances across Australia, India, Dubai, Egypt, Thailand and the US.

L to R: Jane Jeffes, Trevor Solomons, Author Nim Gholkar

‘A LITTLE WISER, A LITTLE HAPPIER’ is her third book and the first book to be published by Nim and her husband Ash’s local start-up, ‘Nims Niche Media’ which also produces and delivers motivational and inspirational videos.  

When one entered the Old Eastwood Townhall, Marsfield, it was echoing with soulful music played by ‘Shanti Fire’ Band, which was accompanied beautifully by Vanessa Forbes. Music set the tone for the intellectual and spiritual feast. Nim Gholkar, surrounded by her friends and fans, stood tall and confident with an infectious smile and a welcoming face.  To me, Nim has always come across as an intelligent, compassionate and a positive lady, who listens to you patiently, one who gives good thoughtful suggestions.

City of Ryde Councilllor Roy Maggio, Author Nim Gholkar, Indian Consul Mr Nandakumaran Konnat
With Sydney’s inspiring couple Nim and Ash Gholkar

The delightful soiree was well attended by family and friends including distinguished members of the community. Amongst the dignitaries who attended the book launch were Mr Nandkumaran Konnat (Consul, The Indian Consulate, Sydney) and City of Ryde Councillors, Christopher Gordon, Sarkis Yedelian, Roy Maggio and Bernard Purcell. People could be seen enjoying, having drinks and Indian snacks, chatting with each other, which was followed by the formal book launch ceremony.

Trevor Solomons was MC for the evening, who spoke about Nim’s book and asked her a few questions about the title and content of the book in his witty and humorous style.  Jane Jeffes from ABC provided an eloquent book review and account of Nim’s journey from a shy immigrant bride to a popular member of the South Asian community, with a sizeable diaspora following around the world.
After the book launch, people lined to buy a signed copy of the book and get clicked a picture with Nim.

Synopsis of the book

Imagine there exists a ‘fitting room’ for ideas and opinions – where you can hold up a particular view on life and explore it from multiple angles. Imagine the sheer joy of discovering a perspective you may not have considered before. ‘A Little Wiser, A Little Happier’ symbolizes a fitting room that offers you the opportunity to try on a range of outlooks and interpretations on everyday life and its little annoyances. Packed with short and insightful reflections, it helps you see old nagging problems from a fresh angle. Why loving your job isn’t compulsory. You don’t ‘owe’ most people an explanation for your choices. Are we leaving behind a legacy of fear? These are just some of the topics in a long list that the book explores. Through this collection of thoughtful and thought-provoking essays, Nim Gholkar helps you discover that wisdom is not always about big ‘aha’ moments. It’s often about tiny, barely perceptible shifts in perspective.

Publisher: Nims Niche Media 2019; Paperback ISBN: 978-0-6487316-1-0; eBook ISBN: 978-0-6487316-0-3  
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