PM Scott Morrison on India’s Republic Day: Ours is gehri dosti ”” deep friendship.

Today marks the historic moment when India completed its journey of nationhood and became a free and independent republic.

For the Indian nation and people, it is an occasion to celebrate the remarkable success India has enjoyed since 1950.

It is a co-incidence of history that January 26 also marks Australia’s national day: Australia Day. So it is a day of celebration for both peoples.

On our shared national day, it is right for both countries to reflect on their national stories and to celebrate their values and people.

Australia and India are connected. We see the same stars and we follow the same lights: of democracy and freedom; of diversity, opportunity and prosperity.

We both believe in the rule of law ”” in institutions that safeguard rights ”” and the responsibility of free people to build a better world.

For more than a century, Australia and India have sought the stability, security, and success of our region and beyond. And over that time, our people have travelled and traded across the ocean we share, and formed deep and enduring ties.

Today, ours is gehri dosti ”” deep friendship.

Australia has a rich and vibrant multicultural character. The Australian-Indian community is an important part of our diverse nation and I thank you for your vital commitment to strengthening the common bond between our two people.

On behalf of all Australians, I send my very best wishes to everyone celebrating India’s Republic Day.

The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Prime Minister of Australia

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