Thappad ”“ The  Slap

By Devaki Parthsarathy

This movie is a typical example of how to take a million dollar plot and slap it in its face!

Fantastic storyline, about how a perfectly happy housewife turns into firebrand woman of steel, is outstanding! The movie is not just another domestic violence episode. Its also not just about women’s empowerment. Its about, as the protagonist correctly points out about, happiness and respect! About what is acceptable in a relationship and what’s not. What is abuse and why its not ok!

The story revolves around how the whole life of a happy housewife comes to a standstill when she is slapped by her husband at a party in their house. Every dialogue from here is brilliantly carved to prove a slap on the society for a multitude of issues like bringing up a daughter to be submissive, allowing a son to behave badly because he has “work pressures”, families supporting staying in a marriage even at the cost of one’s happiness, lawyers pushing for a “deal”!

But the whole plot was slapped in the face by the slow”¦ painfully slow pace. Taking his own sweet time to introduce this couple and the people around it. Unrealistic about how she finds out she is pregnant and by then the legal system had already kicked in! And is just in her final trimester when the whole divorce thing is over!!! Honestly what felt like it was FOREVER was over way too quickly!!!!

Tapsee Pannu as the housewife is simply brilliant ”“ restrained but exposing a gamut of emotions ”” pain, disgust, regret and rage ”” without saying too much, which is just as well because she needs to work on her dialogue delivery. Supporting actors were just as good. Pavail Gulati (husband), as the determined corporate-slave with very intense life goals, pulls off a brilliant performance where you hate him for being him. Kumud Mishra as the supportive and loving father and husband reminded me of my Dad, so was awesome! Tanvi Azmi (mother-in-law), Ratna Pathak Shah (mother), played their roles exactly the way it was intended who not only sacrificed their own happiness for the sake of “peace in the family” but also taught this to the girls of their family! Maya Sarao, who plays the high-profile lawyer Nethra Jaisingh, though brilliant seemed to fall short. Not sure if others did a better job than her, or was it the script that wasn’t tight enough.

Having said all this”¦ the movie was a bore”¦ too long, too long and way too long! Once again”¦ I wish the director could have kept it tight and just under 2 hours! It would be so much more impactful”¦

If you ask me, I would wait for a few weeks for it to come on Prime video and watch it for free when you can forward it and make it two hours long which it should have been anyway!

DeeScore: 2.5/5

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