Do you remember those Indian ad jingles?

Coronavirus, in-house isolation… (Week 4).

By Santram Bajaj and Neena Badhwar

Do you remember?

“लाइफबॉय हो जहां,तंदरुस्ती है वहां”

“क्या आप के टूथपेस्ट में नमक है?

“क्या आप के दांतों में सड़न है? Closeup क्यों नहीं करते हैं?”, घबराएं नहीं, यह हम नहीं कह रहे, टूथपेस्ट बनाने वाले कह रहे हैं| आप यह भी जान गए होंगे कि कौन से पेस्ट की बात कर रहे हैं |

It is becoming difficult for all of us to keep busy and engaged in these days of Coronavirus pandemic. A kind of boredom is taking over in week 4. People are talking to themselves or arguing with their TVs, as a friend said recently.

Let your brains rewind and go back in time, for a while as you have nothing else to do.

We have joined hands to find a topic interesting enough, so that you can engage the whole family and have some fun.

Aids to kill boredom— Some Indian Commercials-Jingles and Slogans for well-known brands and products.

Pardon us for the mixed scripts of English and Hindi. It is deliberate.

Most of the jingles or slogans are in Hindi, or English mixed, so our writing will be in Hinglish, a new experiment, written  jointly by two writers. The tagline of Pepsi, for example “yeh dil maange more” and of its rival Coca Cola, “Life ho to aisi’ or “Thanda matlab Coke” prove our point.

In fact, we are not writing anything new, we are giving you some examples of the popular jingles and encourage you to find the associated product. You can engage your family members in it and play, a kind of ‘Antakashri’ or a Trivia game.

To make it more interesting, you can limit yourselves to a decade or two e.g. 1950 to 1970 and then from 1980 to 2000., and so on.

We will divide in different categories.

  1. We will Give you some examples with the name of the product, Slogan and Company behind the product.
  2. You find the slogan, when product name is given.
  3. You find the product when slogan or jingle is given. Some fill in the blanks to make it interesting.
  4. You can give some more examples of  the taglines or jingles of the companies like Reliance, Hindustan Lever, McDonald’s, Samsung, Apple, Airtel, Nokia, Usha Sewing Machines  or Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali or of the old companies and their now forgotten brands, for other readers.

We will take you back in time a little and talk about the slogans and jingles of many famous products from India. You must have heard most of them.

The slogan or the jingle is a very cleverly created tool by the advertisers, so that it leaves a very lasting impression on our brain.

How many of you remember the vanaspati ‘DALDA’- “jahan mamta,wahan Dalda”?

‘Jadi bootiyon se banaya,vicco vajradanti, vicco paste’ .

“Mentos खाओ और दिमाग की बत्ती जलाओ”

कोका कोला (‘ठंडा मतलब कोक’)

Remember that lady with a white chalk, dipped in a beaker of fluoride and talking to children about the teeth and of course the particular Toothpaste.

By association, we remember and that is the strength of the slogan of the message being conveyed.

नवरत्न तेल (ठंडा ठंडा, कूल कूल)..

“Have a break. Have a KitKat”

Even the Governments use such slogans or jingles to drive home their message for a campaign.

Who can forget ‘Hum do hamare do’ (हम दो हमारे दो ) from the Government of India’s  family planning drive. There was one remarkably interesting, “एक या दो फिर बस”, जिसे लोग मजाक में कहने लगे कि दो के बाद ‘बस भर के’| meaning No limit, which was perhaps  why it was then changed to “एक या दो बच्चे,लगते हैं घर में अच्छे”|

Another one from Punjab, very old one “दब के वाह, रज के खा”, asking the farmers to produce more by working hard

Some slogans are more powerful than the others.

Nike, for example… “Just Do it” with a tick mark, is an amazingly simple tagline. Similarly “It’s finger licking Good‘ by the KFC and Domino Pizza’s “Hungry kya?”

Remember the Lifebuoy soap. It was red in colour and its ad jingle was an ubiquitous rhyme that we all remembered it being played on radio, television and in cinema halls before any movie started. The jingle ‘Tandurasti ki raksha karta hai Life Buoy, Life Buoy ho jahan, tandurasti hai wahan’. One can easily visualize a smiling young man in the ad having a bath with soap suds all over his back fully enjoying the experience.

This brand of soap was very popular in every Indian home, having left a lasting memories in us. The soap bar and its deep connection with us and our life is a very tactile one where we use all our senses, the sense of touch, smell and the ad which connected it to health and hygiene. Imagine a bar of soap, what has it got to do with ‘Tandurasti’( fitness) or health. But this is what the Life Buoy brand advertisers drove the message on our impressionable minds.  Its jingle has been etched into our psyche and the moment we hear it, we can smell the soap.

Life buoy is not the only product that has been ‘immortalised’ by its jingle. The companies use different techniques, using humour, emotions, sex, physical strength, politics etc to sell or drive home their message.

‘Amul Butter’ is very innovative in its ads, though hard to follow at times. Its Hinglish needs to be read carefully to get the puns used.

It is the slogan or a jingle that defines a product. Some are quite obvious when others are not .

Remember,’Nirma washing powder – दूध सी सफेदी निरमा से आये, घर घर में निरमा.

Nirma Washing powder became household name. Housewives never said Washing powder, but just Nirma.

What about Vicco  Vajardanti, Turmeric paste and tooth powder? Remember the ‘Pyari Banno’. Can you guess the full jingle? or the actress?

‘Fevicol’ is another brand, which has some very innovative commercials, even used in Bollywood film songs. You can easily find the film and the heroine on whom the song is filmed.

One particular ad from them, where a bus overloaded with passengers has some hanging on the outside of the bus, held only by Fevicol, is really amusing.

Cigarette brands were in the forefront, like WILLs  (made for each other)’. Gold Flake, Passing Show, Panama, 555, Chaar Minar, Camel and so on.  There was one, with a catchy slogan from Punjab. “पानी पम्प दा, सिगरेट लैंप दा”|

And now of course when smoking is not in fashion, ‘Cancer cures Smoking’, is a good one.

OK, enough from us, now it is your turn. Go check steps 2 and 3 from above. (given in a mixed form)

Look for the slogans and the company behind it”.

अपनी यादों को झंझोड़ने का अच्छा मौक़ा है|

Fair and Lovely, Eveready Batteries, ENO, Frootie, Kurkare, Lipton tea, Brooke Bond tea

Let us fill in the blanks.

“ Vicks ki  goli khao aur  gale ki _____ dur karo.”

“पाँव भाजी,पानी पूरी और चाट का मसाला ___असली मसाले”

“ चुटकी में चिपकाए  ___”

“पीड़ाहारी बाम, __ बाम”

“रंगीन कपड़ा भी खिल खिल जाए  वाशिंग पाउडर  ___  ”

“जडी बूटियों से बनी,सम्पूर्ण स्वदेशी ____”

“Things go better with_____”

“यूं खिली खिली,तुम हुसन परी,  तुम जाने जहाँ, तुम सब से जवान, सौन्द्रीय साबुन ____.”

“मुंह में ताजगी, दांतों की रक्षा ____ ”

“यह जमीन यह आसमान हमारा कल| हमारा आज, बुलंद भारत की तस्वीर, हमारा _____”

Anyway, we have given you a start and an idea, the rest is in your hands, sorry, in your brains! Try jogging it a  bit.



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