Coco’s Lunch release Tha Thin Tha (pron. ”˜taa-din-taa’) in konnakkol recitation

Tha Thin Tha is the vibrant new single by Australia’s multi award-winning vocal quintet Coco’s Lunch. Composed by Coco’s Lunch artist Lisa Young, Tha Thin Tha (pron. ”˜taa-din-taa’) integrates the South Indian vocal percussion art form of konnakkol with contemporary scat language, in a song that grooves along in trademark Coco’s lunch five-part harmony.  

The piece uses both traditional intoned konnakkol recitation alongside soaring konnakkol melodies, riffs and polyrhythmic lines, creating a distinct contemporary vocal expression that is unique to Coco’s Lunch.  

Konnakkol is the performance art form of solkattu – the vocalised rhythmic syllables of South Indian classical music and dance. Tha Thin Tha explores the use of intoned and pitched konnakkol as a fully integrated vocal expression within a contemporary vocal context. ”¯

Tha Thin Tha features Melbourne vocalists Lisa Young, Jacqueline Gawler, Nicola Eveleigh, Gabrielle MacGregor and Emma Gilmartin, with guest percussionist Sai-Sarangan Ravichandhira on mridangam and kanjira.  

The video accompanying the single features dancer Vaishkarni Saieasan and was shot by director Lee Galea at Magdalen Laundry North, Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne.   The Tha Thin Tha video can be viewed at  and the MP3 media download is available here

Tha  Thin  Tha  features  on the upcoming  full-length  album  Misra  Chappu, due out later in 2020. Misra  Chappu  is years in the making ”“  the group’s seventh studio album featuring eight beautifully crafted original pieces that evoke the vast sonic palettes of Australia, India and Africa.  

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