Six Indian Aussies follow their dreams and the trials and tribulations of a life down under in the web series ”˜Comic Timings of Life’

Kabir Singh

Knockout Productions is an Australian based Production House venturing out this year to showcase their first ever web-series ”˜Comic Timings of Life’. ”˜Comic Timings of Life’ is a light take on the day to day struggles of migrants in Australia. Season 1 is all set to release by the November 2020.

Cinematographer Shamini Singhal

The web series is about 6 individuals who will be showcasing the different trajectories and mindsets of people who have migrated to Sydney. It’ll speak of their constant dilemmas between their professional passion versus their mundane hustle to just do everything for financial security. Most of them feel like they have fulfilled their dream by coming abroad but the web series illustrates the different paths of their lives, relatable to many Indian migrants around the world. The title denotes how their idea of living abroad shatters into sombre realities instead of living the Australian dream. The genre is rom-com-drama and there are 5 episodes in each season.

Srishti Aggarwal

Abhishek Mehrotra

Says Director, Mansi Mehta, “We as a team strongly believe that this concept in itself is untapped and unexplored. The relatability will be captivating, and we are inclined to present the web series as soon as possible. The story will be gripping and different from whatever that has come across in the web space so far. It will be a bilingual series with subtitles, so it is appropriate for audiences all over the world. We want to touch hearts everywhere and let people know that they are not alone in this journey and chaos. In an increasingly global world, we want to narrate real incidents of people. The USP of this web series is that it serves a classic platter with a new taste that relates to the audience worldwide.”

Mansi Mehta, Director ‘Comic Timings of Life’

Founder of Knockout Productions and Director of ”˜Comic Timings of Life’, Mansi comments, “When I moved to Australia, I came here with mixed feelings. I had left a promotion in a PR firm in Mumbai where I worked as a publicist and I spent years here trying to feel less and less of an appendix. Being a social butterfly all my life I managed to make some friends from India, only to realise they’re in the same boat as I am. The migration story is different for everyone, but it is this understanding that also binds us together which makes the journey worth it.”

Juzer Holawala


Natasha Matai

The series has put together some exceptional talents like Kabir Singh, Srishti Aggarwal ”“ Miss India Australia and Karishma Sujan ”“ Mrs India Australia, Abhishek Mehrotra, Natasha Matai and Juzer Holawala as the main leads of the show.

About Knockout Productions:

Harsh Gupta – Executive Producer

Knockout Productions is an Australian based Production House established in 2018 by Mansi Mehta and Jaimish Kotecha. They are all set to release their first series, ”˜Comic Timings of Life, in November 2020. As a Production House, they feel responsible to create more opportunities for writers (from all around Australia) who don’t get their deserved platforms to showcase their work. The release of the web-series will give them an opportunity to display their capabilities as filmmakers and the monetary gains associated with the release of the project will be utilised to assist untapped screenwriters/story writers for further projects.



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