Indian Supreme Court Verdict: CBI to investigate Sushant Singh Rajput death case

Finally the Supreme Court of India has decided to bat CBI to investigate Sushant Singh Rajput’s case filed by his 74-year-old father K. K. Singh, him having lost his 34-year-old son, a rising Bollywood star whose life ended in mysterious and in very cruel circumstances. The inquest carried out by the Mumbai police, and the Maharashtra government in toe, covering up, and behaving in a high-handed manner.

A single bench of Justice Hrishikesh Roy made it clear that it was court-ordered CBI probe and that there was no room for the Maharashtra government to challenge this. It also clarified that registration of the FIR at Patna was legally valid and adhered to the principles of the Criminal Procedure Code. Therefore, the court added, the recommendation made by the Bihar government for a CBI investigation was also proper and valid. The Supreme Court’s verdict found Mumbai investigation is unfair, incompetent, prejudiced and partial. The Court expects a fair, competent and impartial investigation by the CBI, is the need of the hour.

The custodians of justice, namely the police and the government, had become the cover of suspects, Rhea and Showik Chakravarthy and family in this case, which they did in most open and blatant manner.

If not for the media and public, and few Bollywood personalities who spoke in favour of impartiality into the case, everyone joined in their fight for justice, only because they believed that the truth will triumph.

Public felt that not only Rhea and Showik be investigated from afresh by the CBI but the police as well be answerable which failed in its duty and its role in destruction of evidence in every possible manner from day one of Sushant’s death calling Sushant’s death a suicide.

Millions of fans stood their ground in the midst of all the misinformation chucked out at them through social media to mislead and bury the truth in a web of lies and an inquest carried out by the Mumbai police under the Section 174. When after 45 days an FIR was filed on behalf of Sushant’s father in Patna’s Rajeev Nagar police station. The family of the actor believed that the investigation by the Mumbai police was going nowhere when Bihar police came to its rescue.

The FIR in Patna was registered by Sushant’s father KK Singh against Rhea Chakraborty and others for alleged offences under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including 306 (abetment of suicide), 341 (punishment for wrongful restraint), 342 (punishment for wrongful confinement), 380 (theft in dwelling house), 406 (punishment for criminal breach of trust) and 420 (Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property).

When the officers of Bihar police came to Mumbai to investigate, they said that the police in Mumbai was not helping in any way and a senior Bihar police officer was quarantined with an excuse of Covid-19. There were all the tell-tale signs which pointed that the Mumbai police as well as the Maharashtra government were putting roadblocks in the four days that the police from Bihar tried to dig evidence and if there were any financial misappropriation by talking to people around Sushant at the time of death by collecting bank statements to get to the truth. In the mean time Enforcement Directorate of India also came to Mumbai to interview Rhea, her brother Showik and other people related to them trying to investigate the trail of money of Sushant Singh Rajput that went missing as claimed by the family.

Things were shoddy from the very start, Maha police messing up a place of homicide in the most botched manner. Court has taken into consideration its total inherent power in its decision that Maha government must assist in CBI’s investigation and not challenge the Supreme Court’s decision in any way.

The decision was strongly aided by a movement that saw the first digital campaign in the world as world’s first by millions across India as well as the world, not just by the NRIs but by people of different nationalities, from young to the old asking for justice for Sushant Singh Rajput’s distraught family having lost a son whose career graph was on the rise. The family was maligned in every manner by the Maha politicians in most insensitive manner.

Media led by Republic TV, Times Now, Capital TV, Ujjawal Trivedi, Fifafooz, Pyara Hindustan and many more individual youtubers, on twitter, Instagramers and individuals who gathered and joined in the brigade to seek justice. They could sense how badly led the investigation was, people could see how Rhea was being protected by the police. People who came forward were threatened in broad daylight and not given protection by the police in the famous film city of India.

TIDU contacted some Sydneysiders, said young lawyer, Pallavi Sinha, “This is a very important verdict for public confidence in the justice system. I sincerely hope that the investigation will take place quickly & that it will be possible for the CBI investigation will be done adequately (i.e. evidence that has not been tampered be part of it).”

Melburnians in the times of Covid-19 put up seven hoardings across Victoria trying to seek justice for Sushant Singh Rajput asking CBI to step in to investigate.

Public which started the biggest worldwide digital protest to demand justice in support of the aggrieved family of Sushant Singh Rajput, the judges at Supreme court took into notice in reaching the verdict that they had considered restoration of public faith in India’s legal system, being the prime issue. The court has also said in its verdict that CBI to investigate any other case as well   connected to the Sushant singh Rajput’s case.

Let us hope justice will prevail in the end with proper and impartial investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation, the premier investigating agency of India.


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