‘Rahat’ ghazal album a unique project by WAACI

A Ghazal album ‘Rahat’ on the poetry of Sh. Om Kishan Rahat produced by WAACI is slated for release during Diwali 2020

WAACI, is a not for Australian profit organisation, networking creativity in Australia. WAACI believes that Creativity has no boundaries, limitations, nationalities, religions, colour or racial differences or any other barriers that humans erect around them. Creativity is a gift to humankind to express the feelings, joys and sorrows of humanity and our society. Says Abbas Raza Alvi, President, We Australians Are Creative Inc., “In WAACI, we share and network creativity with established as well as new artists. Other expect of WAACI is to promote peace and harmony by way of networking musical concepts.”

He adds, “With the above spirit and thought, WAACI has arranged the production of the unique Gazal album “Rahat” on the poetry of Mr Om Kishan Rahat, as you know, a senior most Urdu poet in Australia who passed away last year. Rahat is a digital quality Australian album recorded in Australia in 48-96 K.   All tracks have been composed and recorded, and the album is in the final stage of mixing & mastering. The album includes the most popular and melodious voices of Australian talents.”

Though Rahat is an Australian initiative its unique feature is that it has been produced in collaboration with the creative artists based in Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the UK. So far, “Rahat” album has the creative inputs from 35 creative artists.   Says Abbas, “Through WAACI we are interested in promoting the concept of “Peace and Harmony” with “Rahat” project highlighting musical collaboration that encourages creative talent of the sub-continent migrants.”

WAACI is looking for media support for the “Rahat”   album that shall also include a 24-page booklet including the poetry, names of the artists and also the names of all the supporting organisations or groups, “We shall mention all these names in booklet, social media, marketing promotional material and also on the electronic form of presentation. A short documentary about the making of “Rahat”   is also under active consideration. Tentatively we shall be trying to release the album in November, close to Diwali if COVID situation eases out. Otherwise, we may try for some other alternate arrangements for the launch.”

Please contact Abbas Raza Alvi on: 0412 960 546 or write to:   E|  contact@waaci.org.au   W|www.waaci.org.au






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