‘Chitta – the evil white powder’ a local short film on drug abuse

Harjot Singh as the elder brother with Addy Singh as his druggie younger brother in ‘Chitta’
By Manju Mittal
”˜Chitta’, is a sad story about a young man’s drug addiction and his elder brother’s attempt to help him get out of the habit. The short film is produced by a local Indian film maker Harjot Singh who also directed it with Sydney’s talented artist Taufeeq Ahmed Sheikh.

‘Chitta’ is a powerful short film with a few memorable and even heartbreaking moments between the two brothers. This is a story about a drug addict and his elder brother’s strained relationship with him trying everything in his power to save his younger brother.   However, it really is powerfully delivered and acted, with Harjot Singh and Addy Singh giving tender and honest performances.

The film also features local actors Taufeeq Ahmed, Munish Arora, Gagan Deep Singh Jassal and Anuj Rai in a superb performance from all. A KH Brothers Films presentation along with Euphony Expressions, the writers, the director, the singer and most importantly, cast have done an excellent job on an issue that may affect us at some point in our lives. The title ”˜Chitta’ song, is sung by the multi-talented singer and actor Gagan Deep Singh Jassal.
Anuj Rai and Gagan Jassal
Merrylands based Harjot Singh says, “I feel amazed how professional artists get influenced by my simple stories and hence sometimes I feel like crying, immense satisfaction I derive in telling such stories. It feels good that I keep on contributing to the society and that just makes me happy.”
Addy, Munish Arora and Taufeeq Ahmed
I caught up with the co-director and actor of the film Taufeeq Ahmed after watching the film on social media recently, when he said,  “KH brothers has made it its brand to tell simple yet effective stories. The menace of drug abuse is a global concern. Saying yes to directing this beautiful story was a no-brainer really. My credit goes to Harjot Singh for ensuring a good team dynamics that was always maintained throughout the project. He has successfully brought together some of the most sincere and hardworking artists of Sydney. It is a pleasure and a breeze to work with such an amazing team always.”
Lead actor of ”˜Chitta’ Addy Singh says, “I always knew this film “Chitta” was going to be a big challenge not only because of the sensitive topic but also how careful we have to be with our dialogues and story line and expressions. I personally had seen one of my friends from school dying from drug overdose. While we were preparing for this film I have had goosebumps doing the same things I had seen my friend go through while he suffered. Our Director/Producer Harjot Singh  came up with a perfect story line and with all that hard work from all team members we were able to pull this out perfectly”.
‘Chitta’ is a powerful story of how the addict suffers bringing unimaginable pain and sorrow into the lives of everyone who cares for them. I couldn’t help but feel as though a more expressive and dramatic approach would have worked better. Still, a competent work overall.
I highly recommend everyone to watch ”˜Chitta’ as it is quite a mature and an excellent effort by a local film maker as well as actors. We are sure that Sydney is coming up with its own crew of talented film producers, directors, writers, film makers, camera men and actors, people who concentrate on issues happening here right around us and worldwide. The end credits show a heart rending scene of an Indian mother with her dead 20-year old son who died due to drug overdose. It is too painful to watch.

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