Happy Diwali to the readers of Indian Down Under


Stay safe and follow golden rules for celebrating Diwali during Covid-19 pandemic that mustn’t ignore

By Reena Koak

Light up your Diwali during Covid-19 times

Diwali, called the “Festival of Lights”, is the biggest festival in India and is enjoyed with great enthusiasm  irrespective of caste, religion, and community. This five-day festival celebrates the victory of good over evil and is the best time for prosperity and family togetherness.

The year’s most-awaited Hindu festival comes at a time when India and the rest of the world are facing the worst public health crisis in a century with the COVID-19 pandemic. The spiritual message that Diwali holds ”” “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance” ”” cannot have more consonance to our lives than this time. As the whole world is still in midst of pandemic, but don’t stop yourself from celebrating Diwali because of Covid-19.

  1. Wearing a mask is a must

If you are going to someone’s place or someone is coming to greet you, don’t forget to keep your masks on. It is only understandable that you would want to see with your loved ones during the festive season but wearing masks is the best way to stay safe. Stay indoors and wear a mask to stay safe from both covid-19 and air pollution

  1. Keep your hand sanitizer away from the fire

Sanitizers are alcohol-based which means they are inflammable. You have to make it a point to keep them away from the area where you will be placing the diyas.

  1. Wash your hands instead of sanitizing

Lighting diyas and candles all around the house is a special tradition for everyone celebrating Diwali. Keep in mind that sanitizing your hands might cause harm. Hence, it is best to wash your hands instead of sanitizing.

  1. Cook at home

What is a Diwali celebration without sweets? However, it is best to avoid consuming any eatables from outside to reduce the chances of infection. Therefore, it is better to make homemade sweets. In fact, you can turn it into quality family time like the old days!

  1. Don’t forget social distancing

For those who will be attending events such as festivals or house parties. What’s more, try to avoid events that are indoors because it could contribute to increasing your chances of getting infected with the coronavirus.

  1. Go digital  

Festivity is all about togetherness and strengthening bonds. People staying away from their family and loved ones are not able to travel due to COVID-19 led restrictions. This festive season, try and adjust to the new normal. Find innovative ways to send greetings and gifts to your loved ones. One can plan for digital surprises like LIVE music night on a video call, personal radio show, celebrity wishes, etc. to make the celebration more memorable for your guests

  1. Avoid assumptions related to sickness

People assume that their close family and friends cannot catch the virus and it is safe to meet them. Such careless assumptions are critical that affect your safety. While planning a social gathering for a festive celebration, it is significant to be responsible and take mandatory precautions. If any of your guests have low immunity or recently recovered from COVID-19, suggest them to stay at home.

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