The Beach Hut Diwali lunch and a launch of two useful books

Paul and Sonia McKenzie, Ash and Nim Gholkar, with Dr Geoff Lee and Ramanand Garge at the launch

By Neena Badhwar

Two ”˜How To’ books ”“ one ”˜Success Café’ offering many useful tips by Sydney’s well-known Life Coach and author Nim Gholkar and another one ”˜Property and Conveyancing ”“ Made Easy’ by Conveyancing and Valuation expert Paul McKenzie were launched today on November 29 on a hot 40 degree day as we hit summer time.

The Beach Hut in Dolls Point had distinguished Liberal MP Dr. Geoff Lee, Consul Cultural Ramanand Garge, Director, Swami Vivekanand Cultural Centre of the Indian Consulate, Sydney amongst the invited guests and members of the Indian community. Weather of course was hot and the property market has not cooled either, rather Indian community which comprises mostly of the newly arrived skilled migrants as they settle are the keen buyers of their dream first homes. At the same time Nim Gholkar’s book is going to be equally and hotly sought after by the same people who also want to make a success of their life career wise, here in Australia, their second home.

Indian migrant is enterprising, hard-working, a family man who comes into the country with young family but with sights at making it big in a job trying to make a success of himself and for the sake of his or her family.

Gholkar’s tips and nuggets on practical wisdom on social media are already followed by hundreds as people seek her advice on how to become confident, an online programme she runs ’30 Days to a More Confident You’. This pocket book ”˜Success Café’, in Nim’s succinct yet useful style, each chapter is followed by worksheets in a step-by-step manner, from someone from our own community who guides us patiently and also someone who observes life keenly from up close. This encouraging book is filled with many useful gems, Nim says in the intro, “You cannot go through life accepting your fate without putting up a fight. Don’t be afraid of dreaming bigger dreams. If you believe in yourself, the Universe will figure out a way to make it happen.”

Wish Nim was here when the first Indian migrants arrived when Australia opened Asian migration in the seventies. Someone like her would have been so welcome by all those pioneers who worked and toiled hard to make a place for themselves in this lucky country. Anyway it is not too late, armed with Nim’s ”˜Success Café’ and the qualities, education, enterprise and hard work that we have in our genome, many of us will be able to make our life a definite success. Nim’s Speaker seminars are there as well as she inspires us all with her stories and down to earth observations and anecdotes. She herself honed her skill of writing she says till her fingers went numb, ”˜Success Café’ is Nim’s gift to us all as she sums up, ”˜If you never flap your wings, how will you ever know how high you can fly?’

Paul McKenzie’s ”˜Property and Conveyancing ”“ Made Easy’ is a useful book from someone who has 25 years of experience in property valuation and legal conveyancing. It offers much needed advice for all those lay people who want to have a go into the Australian property market and its conveyancing laws with a view to insights into the knowledge that will help and benefit all owner occupiers, renovators as well as investors.

Making Australia their second home, Indian migrants set their goals first in finding a job they seek in their preferred career and a home they would like to invest in, ”˜Success Café’ by Nim Gholkar and ”˜Property and Conveyancing ”“ Made Easy’ by Paul McKenzie are just the two most appropriate books that have hit the book stores. Says Geoff Lee, “It is often said ”˜buying a home is the largest financial decision that an individual will make in their lifetime’. Clearly buying a home or an investment property represents a significant investment decision that will have years if not decades of financial consequences.” Step by step explanations with real life examples and anecdotes by Paul leads the interested reader into understanding Australian property laws, vital property terms and the industry as a whole. Paul’s useful advice will help us make successful owners, investors and the rest who would like to have a go in the property market in Australia.

Besides the book launch, it was an occasion to celebrate Diwali, and a birthday (Nim’s hubby Ash Gholkar ”“ Happy Birthday Ash!) as everyone tucked into chaat papri and chicken tikka entre while listening to Kedar Pagaddinnimath ’s  ”˜Lakhon hai nigaah mein, zindagi ki raah mein, sanam hassen-e-jawan’, and also to Shobha Ingleshwar’s soft lilting voice with guests mixing and mingling in a casual and leisurely get together. For few moments we all forgot that it was a very hot day outside.

Both the books have been published by Nims Media the cover price for ‘Success Cafe’ is $15 and ”˜Property and Conveyancing ”“ Made Easy’ is $30 and   are available at: and Amazon.

Pics. by Baljinder Balz and Usha Dammraju

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