Local talent sings and dances for you, thanks to Pankaj

Tasneem Gadiwala

By Manju Mittal

We in Sydney are getting to see talent coming up by way of singing, lyric writing, and who else to stitch together the two, rather three. Talent, singer and the poet in neat short music videos. Enter Pankaj Upadhayay, a film maker and a cinematographer from Kolkata. An award winning film maker who learnt his craft under luminaries, Pankaj’s short film ”˜Smile’ screened at Canberra Short Film Festival in 2017 and later his second film ”˜Not Alone’ made it to the SF3 Short Film Festival Finalist in 2019.

Pankaj Upadhayay

Now he has gone on to re-create three music videos. First song was Tamil classic from South Indian film ”˜Pudhiya Mugam’ which was originally composed by A.R. Rehman with the playback singer Sujata Mohan. Recreated by Pankaj and Padmalatha Rao here in Sydney the song has a refreshing new story retold a la Sydney.

It shows a modern woman going about her daily chores and work life and is happy to be reassured by her love how much he values her. The entire song was shot on the streets of Sydney near the Botanic gardens as it promotes iconic Sydney places in a great new light.

Padmalatha Rao

Sydney’s local talented singer Padmalatha, who has been intrigued by musical notes since her childhood, shared her experience after the success of her music video, “It was a very refreshing experience working with Pankaj Upadhayay and Mamta of Euphony Films. I look forward to working with them in future, our song video was widely appreciated on social media.”

Kakoli Mukherjee

Second song is ”˜Ankh se ankh milata hai koi’ composed and sung by Kakoli Mukhejee, this original song also showcases Sydney in a very good and restrained style where an elderly couple is shown in love and living their happy moments in their 60’s. This song is also shot on the streets of Sydney CBD and promotes original content and this great city and its tourism. The song re-emphasizes eternal love from ”˜the youth to the elderly’. This is Pankaj and Kakoli Mukherjee’s second music video after ”˜Ghazalon ka Hunur’ which was also an original composition and visually shot by Pankaj.

Kakoli Mukherjee founder of Bharatiya Sangeet Academy started and performing in India on All India Radio and on TV at a young age, she was very pleased with her two music videos, both her videos are her original creations. Both Kakoli and the film maker compliment each other in their creativity bonding through work that is class apart.

Third song, released  by Pankaj and Tasneem Gadiwala is the new cover song ”˜Mahi Ve,’ a Punjabi Bollywood iconic song from the film ”˜Kaante’. Pankaj and Tasneem have re-created this song and have done full justice to it with a huge  positive response by the community. Its original was staged at a pub the song tells the story of a woman hurt in love. The end is left to the imagination of the audience as Pankaj says, “Love hurts and it isn’t love if it doesn’t”. 

Tasneem Gadiwala also shares her experience with TIDU of the making of this music video, “I decided to go with Euphony Films to create a dreamy, surreal visual to compliment the essence of the song.” She adds, “It was brilliant working with cinematographer of Pankaj’s talent. He has captured some amazing dreamy scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Pankaj throughout the complete process of our video shoot.”  

We are sure Sydney and Australia is ready with Pankaj, who likes working with local independent artists here, says he, “These are a gifted and a great group of talented people waiting to be tapped and channelized in the right direction. We work together as a team as I tend to listen to each and work along with them from the concept to the final execution of their ideas. They are sincere, gifted and committed, easy to work with, artists such as Tasneem, Padmalatha, Sadiq Rehmani, Mayank Singh, Alankar Priyadarshi and veterans like Kakoli Mukherjee, Avijit Sarkar and Rachana Bhatnagar.”

Definitely, there’s more to come in the future to entertain you all, all locally produced, of course.

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