‘Nailpolish’ a movie worth watching with no time to polish your nails

By Devaki Parthasarathy

NAIL POLISH, a tight scripted, fascinating & thought-provoking crime-legal thriller manages to sustain its twists and turns, without losing the crux. Popular, much-liked sports coach is accused of the heinous rape-and-murder of two children. But what seems to be an open-and-shut case, going by the evidence, turns into a murky story of past trauma, dissociative disorder and questionable redemption.

The fast-paced plot is interspersed with interesting anecdotes, with the characters being shown in their professional and personal garb. Defence lawyer (Arjun Rampal) is a suave loner not caring much for the women in his life while the Prosecution (Anand Tiwari) has a loving family who swears by his honesty. The judge (Rajit Kapoor) is helplessly dealing with his wife’s addiction. And the accused (Manav Kaul) has a dark past, unraveling swiftly, revealing a beautiful and talented woman in it. It’s a Bollywood film”¦ so it comes with a few eye roll moments. But a review of the film without mention of Kaul would be blasphemy! He portrays his multilayered character with finesse. He is a calm and lawful citizen of the society one minute and sitting on the hot seat of guilt the next. A law-abiding prisoner in one and violent and aggressive an inmate viciously the next second! And the change in his body language and dialogue delivery is played most convincingly.

I have always liked him”¦ As Veer he has surely bagged an award! The rest of the crew is not bad themselves. All of them chipping in ably to help the script flow with ease. I did think that lack of acting from the Prosecution just helped Arjun Rampal even better!

DeeScore: 4/5

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