Tribhanga: (Netflix) Tedy Medhy Crazy

By Devaki Parthasarathy. 19 January, 2021

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After many many positive reviews of time spent well, and armed with a cup of Turmeric & Almond Latte (Yes its a Dee special, I make at home) I sat down on Sunday night to watch this much awaited Kajol-Tanvi starrer.

Let me begin by telling you all what great favourite of our family Kajol is
and how highly I think of Tanvi. And this was a women-centric movie, directed by a woman! I was looking forward to seeing solid grit of women in an male dominated society! I was hoping that issues women face in a male dominated world would be portrayed by these two very accomplished actors. So to expect nothing but the best watch of the year was obvious. ”¦.. but 15 minutes into the movie, I was thinking”¦ this better get better!!!

Depicting the life of women spanning three generations the movie was all
dressed up with no where to go (pretty much my life in COVID)!!! Starting with the feisty young Tanvi, (surprisingly acted by someone quite nondescript ”“ not sure why) who walks out on her husband and his mother because she was not “allowed” to follow her own trajectory. The liberated woman in me thinking, “aur kya”!!! (She is super effective even when she is in coma!! The woman steals your heart without batting an eyelid ”“ literally)!

Her life thereafter, trying to bring up two children to the best of her
capacity along with some domestic help. How she soars to achieve more and become what she had always wanted. Her relationship with her journalist friend who is writing her biography as she can’t because has arthritis!

Enter Gen 2! Kajol, depicting the child’s side of the story and the life of a
child of a single parent in 80s India. I found everything (except the
molestation) about her childhood quite bizarre!

A girl in school in the 80s, whose mother wants to
change her last name as she was the primary carer! why did she want to change it to Apte? Was Tanvi’s father her primary carer??? Anyway moving on”¦

A teacher singles her out in front of the whole class
and asks her why her father’s last name was Joshi and hers was Apte??? Which teacher worth his/her salt would do that?!?! Why malign the teacher

The mother thought it was too late to confront the
molester of her child as everyone had moved on???? If she could not take it up, then she sure as hell cannot give her last name to the children! It is never too late to fight against the man who molested your daughter! That message should have come out loud and clear.

Being a forward thinking woman doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be foul mouthed, downright rude cigarette smoking, irritating wile b*****!!! It was melodrama at its best with her heightened voice!

Skip to Gen 3! Once again”¦ a teacher called her an illegitimate child?!?!
Really??!? I can imagine kids in the playground can be cruel, but the
teacher???? Poor show maligning teachers once again! And the way she could fight back was to be submissive and agree to have a sex identification test to ensure the unborn child is a boy to keep the family together so the child can grow up with a father?!?!!? Good Lord!!! What are we showing our new generation through our movies?!?!

This is 2021!!! Wake up women of India!!! Movies like this should never pass the censor board, let alone appreciate it as a great watch!!! Women please know that it is OK to be polished and single mum. It is NOT OK to turn a blind eye to the molestation of a child. It is NOT OK to determine the sex of the unborn child! Bollywood please know that it is NOT OK to malign the august profession of teachers with such slander!

The rest of the story, cast and crew was just ”¦. whatever!

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