Indian Support Center Inc launches Public Notary Services

Feb, 2021: The Indian Support Center (ISC), a leading non-profit organization, has recently launched Notary Public Services to enable members of the community to notarize their documents as per the legal requirement of the state at a nominal and affordable cost.  

Through the newly launched services, members of the community can now authenticate official, government and personal documents. As part of the services, a notary would be available to witness signing of documents and to certify true copies of the original documents for use overseas.  

In New South Wales, Public notaries are the only authorized entities to authenticate, certify and witness foreign documents under the Public Notaries Act, 1997.   The service is being offered at ISC’s office located at 2 Lane St., Wentworthville, Sydney every Saturday between 4 and 6 pm. Plans are also afoot to expand the service if there is an increased demand.   The service is being made available at an affordable cost to assist members of the community in need of such legal services. Students and senior citizens can avail of the services at a special discount.  

Describing the newly launched service, ISC President Subbarao Varigonda said “With the substantial increase in the number of migrant community members from the Indian subcontinent living in NSW, accessibility and affordability for such services ”“ in particular for documents such as “POWER OF ATTORNEY” has become very crucial.  Keeping this in mind, the Indian Support Center launched this service in January 2021”.  

The Indian Support Center is a non-profit, non-government organization which caters to members of the Indian subcontinent (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan,Sri Lanka) community. Currently the ISC offers a range of services including Domestic Violence Support, Job Seeker Support, Digital Literacy for Seniors, Digital Health Awareness, Emergency and other forms of general support.  

Set up in 2015, ISC has resolved over 1500 cases brought forth by the community through its internal Helpdesk System.

The ISC has a team of trained volunteers capable of speaking various languages of the Sub-continent to support the vast migrant population in NSW.The ISC is located at 2 Lane Street, Wentworthville, NSW 2145.  For further information about ISC’s support services please visit our website and/or email us on Bookings can also be made on

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