Amal: A brilliant film all around

By Devaki Parathsarathy

AMAL (Now on Prime)

So many times i have complained that a movie is soooo long that the message is diluted. So many times I have reviewed a movie is super cliched!

As if Director Richie Mehta has heard me, he paces the movie excellently at 101 minutes! Big tick of approval for that! The movie depicts Delhi, my beloved city in all its glory and fast paced rough moods there. The city and its people are running around too self absorbed to be bothered about anyone else, except when someone steps on their tail, when they snap back!

And amidst all this is Amal’s character that stands out as a mirage. Amal, the big hearted, perfectly content, generous, polite, righteous autorikshaw driver. The kind of soul you would love to know and admire! Saying any more will give the plot away.

But would love to add that the lead pair was super cute. One soft and gentle the other streetwise strong willed with a soft and gentle corner for her man! Stunning performances also from Seema Biswas who as a lawyer is looking for a guy who is right under her nose!

A perfect example of how good, honest people are easily overlooked by society. Naseeruddin Shah is brilliant as the eccentric billionaire who spent his last days combing the streets of Delhi, looking for that one honest man whom he could give his entire fortune to, rather than to his good for nothing sons or corrupt business partner. Roshan Seth as the corrupt partner played his role to perfection.

Apparently the movie was released in 2007! But I only just saw it! Brilliant all around! A small budget film with a huge heart!

DeeScore: 4.5/5

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