PM Scott Morrison: Holi Ki Shubh Kaamnayen!

Holi 2021 Message from the Prime Minister

Namaste to all my Indian Australian friends as you celebrate the Festival of Colours.

Holi is a story with ancient origins ”“”“ a timeless festival that draws Indian families and communities together around the world.

Last year, the colour, life and enthusiasm of Holi was overshadowed by the pandemic ”“ and celebrations were curtailed.

While the pandemic will still shape much of what we do, this year we can lift our eyes and look to the future with confidence.

After a year of heroic sacrifice, we can be proud of how our country and our recovery is tracking.

Our Indian Australian community is a community that has given so much to our country.

Australia and India share a deep bond ”“ not just economically and strategically ”“ but in the very real and warm friendship between our peoples.

It’s that unity that gives all of us the strength to prevail against the most difficult of times.

So in that spirit of unity and strength, I wish you all a very happy and joyous Holi.

Holi Ki Shubh Kaamnayen!

The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Prime Minister of Australia

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