Hindu Council’s Benevolent Fund looking for donations to help Covid victims in India

Hindu Council Australia (HCA) is working hard and seeking donations to help Indians stricken with the deadly virus with daily cases that have moved up into the official figures of hundreds of thousands. The virus is an angry one, hides and then comes back mutated, and in more potent form. There is no respite as we can see, as it keeps on hitting in waves after waves, either we see those distressing scenes of people crying out for help, or rise to help in whichever way possible to help and lift them up in cash or kind. One can donate, or help directly family members in trouble or even others that our family may know all those daily hawkers, sellers, workers, servants who may be struggling to make ends meet.

HCA’s Benevolent Fund is seeking donations in their drive ‘Support India’ working on the ground with leading NGO in India trying to provide Oxygen cylinders, Plasma donation and helping set up a new hospital in Delhi.

Says NSW President of HCA, Bhagwat Chauhan, “We are working with an institution ‘Sewa Bharati’ in Delhi which is setting up a new hospital and beds to meet the increasing demand.We are also talking to others as well how best we can help.”

Says Sanjeev Bhakri, “We are concentrating on one project at the moment because no matter how much you try to do, it is not enough for the enormity that the Covid has hit India with. Whatever you can do, through donating to our fund or by supporting directly your family members. I say, just do it.”

Do visit the HCA’s Benevolent Fund Page: https://hinducouncil.com.au/new/donate-to-hindu-council-of-australia/

And contribute generously:

Short URL: https://indiandownunder.com.au/?p=16363