Vision 2020 extends its helping hand to India stricken with Covid

By Neena Badhwar

Everyone is concerned about the sad situation to do with Covid-19, the virus which is being termed as the double mutant B.1.617 with its killer journey through out India. Indians here in Australia are talking about family members and people they know infected with the second, and the third variant that has emerged. Biggest problem that the government faces is how to handle such a big number of patients turning up at the hospitals, oxygen even if enough, the logistics, the oxygen cylinders in short supply, delivery of equipment and oxygen, everything, every scene, looks chaotic, sad and painful to watch.

Then again when you talk to the family members, people on the ground, frantic and scared they may be, they show a great surviving spirit, doing whatever is possible, medicine, doctors, antibiotic course coupled with home remedies. Many have decided to self isolate and wait till things calm down.

Charities in the Indian community here have gone into a big drive to collect funds for the necessary equipment and prayers of course for their near and dear ones.

Vision 2020 which has been working hard already having funded toilets, hospital beds, orphan children are now into their 5-day drive to collect funds and thus support in whatever way they can. They have collected around $35,000 already and have sent $23,000 of the money collected to Virat Hospice in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh and Bhaktivedanta Centre Hospital in Mira Bhayandar, (Outer Mumbai) Maharashtra.

Says Anu Shivaram, “We in our committee took couple of days off, me in one room and my husband busy in the other trying to answer calls and working out with India how we can provide help in the best possible way. Our committee decided to choose hospitals in small towns like the one in Palghar.”

She adds, “I know our target of $50,000 is a drop in the ocean considering the huge calamity that has hit India, yet you just want to do something, anything to help at this hour of need.”

“We make sure that all the money we send is spent directly on the nominated requirements by the hospitals we are working with. If it is 90 cents in the dollar then Vision 2020 will add 10 cents from its pocket to make up the full dollar to help.”

Here is the detailed report from Vision 2020:

Vision 2020 is a voluntary, non-profit and charitable organisation registered in the State of New South Wales, Australia.  Since 2002, Vision 2020 has helped to complete more than 25 projects of high merit across India and Nepal by providing funds over $320,000. Any donation above $2 made to Vision 2020 is tax-deductible. Vision 2020 has a policy of conducting financial transactions in India only with FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation ACT) approved agencies. 
On Monday 26 April, Vision 2020 set up a COVID response team and appealed to the Indo- Australian community to donate funds.  Within 30 Hours $30,000 (Current count $33,661) was received in an overwhelming gesture of support from the Indian Community!
On Wednesday 28 April we transferred $11,325 (Rs 6,50,055) to Virat Hospice in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Virat Hospice currently provides palliative care for terminally ill cancer patients.   They are currently providing treatment to COVID patients. Vision 2020 has verified the credentials of this organisation including financial audit reports and funded this organisation in 2017. 
On Thursday 29 April we have allocated another round of funds approx.  $12,000 (depending on a final quote for the medical equipment) to Bhaktivedanta Centre Hospital in Mira Bhayandar, (Outer Mumbai) Maharashtra. This is a multi-specialty hospital and currently treating COVID patients. This organisation has also gone through our stringent project checks.
By Friday 30 April we want to locate another reliable organization that is working for COVID relief and fund them in the hope that generous people like yourselves will continue to donate and support us. We are currently discussing this with various organisations across the country.
Our efforts are only a drop in the huge ocean but we had to respond to this humanitarian crisis. Without the community’s generous help, we could not even have attempted this.

Vision 2020 are now seeking your help in getting:
1.More donations from businesses and industries2. Partnering with reliable FCRA – approved organisations in any corner of India, irrespective of the province, language 

People who would like to donate can visit Vision 2020 website:

Covid-19 is a serious issue till it subsides, and we NRIs and charities here have to have a proper plan in place to execute money thus collected so that our donations to reach where they are most needed in areas, hospitals by way of equipment, beds, oxygen cylinders and the rest. We must do our bit.

Please call Anu Shivaram on 0423 760 168 if you need more info.

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