Jackie Shroff: My mother’s heart is in me

Neeru Saluja interviews veteran actor Jackie Shroff where he talks about his role in the upcoming film Radhe, his equation with his younger co-stars, his career spanning over four decades, the secret to his endless energy and why he has never shied away from character roles.

Watch this heart-to-heart conversation where #apnabhidu also gives credit to his mother for giving him the valuable lesson to help those who are in need.

Says Jackie, about life, “Live every moment. When you look around you, the grief, the pain,and the hunger, then you realize that God’s being kind to you. Being with your friends, with your loved ones. Life is breath, laugh, master the art of breathing, Don’t crib, laugh your guts out, it does get your blood going.”

About his 40-year career in films, doing sometimes thirty films a year, “I was busy doing three films a day. Missed to see my kids grow. Those days we we used to do favours. If anyone asked me, please help, I would do it for free. And if being paid, many a times, at the end of the shoot, they would pay half the amount agreed upon.”

“I could not refuse, as I have my mother’s heart in me. I would just melt if anyone was in trouble. Unlike these present day kids, they are smart.”

He says about the movie, “Radhe will make you laugh. So go see it on big screens.”

Radhe opens this coming Thursday, the 13th of May, 2021 on Australian theatres.

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