Master Chef Winner Justin Narayan: It was a ride of a lifetime

Neeru Saluja talks to Justin Narayan, MasterChef Australia 2021 winner soon after his glorious win. In this engaging conversation, he talks about his MasterChef journey, the turning point on the show, his calm and consistent approach, favourite dishes and his broromance with fellow contestant and finalist Pete.

Justin, How do you feel having won the MasterChef 2021 Contest?

I feel so stoked. It was a ride of a life time

The dish you most liked cooking on the show?

I cooked the food I grew up eating. I played around on mum’s chicken curry.

Your most difficult period during the contest?

It was when dad was in   ICU. During the gap they flew me back to be with dad. Thankfully he came out of the ICU.

Bromance between Justin and Pete?

There’s been great friendship with Pete and hope it continues after the show.

Your strengths?

It’s how you approach life. It was a rare opportunity for me and the contestants, cooking for the best chefs of the country. There was fun and enjoyment and some anxious moments.

What’s your say on the diversity in this year’s contest?

We represent so many different cultures, so many different foods that Australia is warming up to. People are interested in different types of food. There was a time when I was so embarrassed to share my food and now I am doing it at the national scale. Beautiful thing is that Australia is accepting and how the world is changing.

Which one is your signature dish?

Something spicy, a protein, something that you can eat with your hands, perhaps chicken curry, chutney, chapati, daal and chutney and pickle.

What was your favorite dish that you cooked?

I remember two, one was a lobster and terragon dish, another one was the fish curry in the second round of finale, mum’s curry with Australian natives.

Any fun moments?

There were lot of good vibes, lots of pranks being played. We played basketball, footy, and we were always studying, reading recipe books, practicing cooking, testing things. It was a good experience.

What’s next?

Working and creating fun food content. Experience in the kitchen, hopefully one day, I have a place of my own. My own website”¦

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