”˜Gift’- A locally produced short film on the occasion of Father’s Day

By Manju Mittal

Euphony Films bring you a touching tale of a girl and her father and the connection they form on her special day.

Pankaj Upadhayay’s new short film was released for Father’s Day tomorrow as a story of father and daughter special bond titled ”˜Gift’. The film shot during Covid-19 lockdown keeps one engrossed, a moving short film that is as beautiful as it is heart touching.

Pankaj, the director who has an excellent ability to tell a story without the use of dialogue and delivers a strong message. The 11-and-a-half-minute film stars child actor Natasha Upadhayay who happens to be Pankaj’s daughter in real life. She plays the role of a daughter in the film and how she tries to bond with her father. There are many lonely moments picturised with post-it messages as both father-daughter pass time during lockdown. Together they hook your attention and take you on an emotional ride with happy ending. The tremendous acting and masterful directing all combine to make a worth watching short it has got a fair bit of response from the audience on social media.

This second generation multi talented, young actor and writer Natasha Upadhayay shared her interest in acting, writing and her inspiration and future dreams with TIDU.

Natasha, please tell us a little about of yourself?

I am currently in year 7 at a local school in Western Sydney. We moved to Australia five years ago and live in Western Sydney. I like reading fiction, watching TV, gaming, all things creative such as music, books and films inspire me a lot. In my spare time, I draw, write stories, or assist my father in his music video and short film productions either behind the scenes or in front of the camera for his productions at Euphony Films.

What inspired you to do this film ”˜Gift’ during lockdown in Sydney?

Well, I have done short film ”˜Smile’ with my father 4 years ago as it was our first short film when my dad wanted to return into film making which has remained with us as our special personal milestone. We thought to reprise same theme of family love in today’s pandemic and lockdown circumstances. My parents came up with this idea of ”˜Gift’ story the fact that since indoors most of the time, we tend to be, rather, more distant from one another due to our different priorities. We thought of giving tribute to every father/parent and child and addressing the most important thing that truly matters: ”˜the gift of time’. We are very pleased that we were able to complete the film during my birthday week and were able to release it in the week of father’s day celebrations.

What are your thoughts on Father’s Day?

I believe every day is special with your loved ones and spending time with each other is the most precious gift.

What are you passionate about?

I am not formally trained in acting. I developed interest in acting because my dad makes a lot of practice home videos and he puts me in the spot in front of the camera along with my little sister and we make these funny movies and have loads of fun together. I am more passionate about writing, I have written a Children’s novel ”˜The vanished twins’ that is available on Amazon. I am currently writing my second novel titled ”˜The door’. I have also written poems for few short films for my father’s studio: Euphony Films.

Who were some of your influences?

Truly I have been inspired by my parents. Creativity is really in my blood and my life, my parents play a major role and they are a great influence on my life. It’s a great pride for me that they are my parents and I look at them as my role model

What are your ambitions for your future career?

 I enjoy assisting my teachers at school minding children and keeping them engaged with creative ideas. I want to pursue interest in creative field perhaps who knows I become a teacher when I grow up.

The remarkable insight and thoughts of a young Indian local student Natasha Upadhayay from Western Sydney, has done her community proud and also her parents. She enjoyed working in short film at home during Covid-19 lockdown crises.

”˜Gift’ where visuals and movements are used to tell a compelling story without  use of dialogue, Even the emotional scenes in the film beautifully portrayed well without getting dialogues are excellent while editing is very sharp. It is an excellent and flawless film with director Pankaj Upadhayay who acted as well in the film. As for what’s next, Pankaj is currently in development on more short films and musical video’s. We wish him good luck.


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