Badla ”“ Lekin Amitabh nahin badla!

Review by Devaki Parthasarathy

If you loved Kahaani”¦ you will love Badla even more! Director Sujoy Ghosh presents yet another whodunit, with style and pizazz.

Murder mysteries have been done so very many times since Waqt and from so very many angles, that finding that one piece that doesn’t quite fit till the end is almost impossible. But Sujoy Ghosh managed to touch the chord yet again!

The success of the movie has to lie in its characters. Senior Bachhan as a lawyer who has never lost a case, is brilliant. As he drives the movie, the plot dances to the tune of his signature baritone voice. His comparison of every moment of the drama with the epic Mahabharat was stunning as much in its conception as it was in its delivery.  And Taapsee Pannu”¦ what a treat she is!!! Like an onion her character peels off in layers ”“ deftly, slowly and quite unbeknownst to her. Together, the two of them make this could have been run of the mill whodunit a winner! Supporting performance by Amrita Singh is top-notch, too. I have liked her from her CHameli ki Shaadi days, and if anything, she is even better now! Like fine wine!!

On the downside”¦ at times, the plot seemed to drag its feet with repetitive dialogues and confusing toing and froing of events”¦. But on the whole it all made sense and actually helped to elucidate each character.

Overall”¦ a fantastic watch.

DeeScore: 3.5/5

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