Easier access to residential tenancy support package rebates

The NSW Government has made the Residential Tenancy Support Package more accessible from today, with COVID impacted tenants now able to apply directly for a rebate of up to $4,500, as long as their rent has been reduced by at least that much.

Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson said the original scheme has provided more than $34 million in rental rebates since July and the NSW Government has now further extended and simplified the process to ease COVID-related financial stress. 

“As of today, the NSW Government’s Residential Tenancy Support Package can be applied for directly by tenants, as opposed to the original requirement for landlords to initiate an application,” Mr Anderson said.  

“The Residential Tenancy Support Package was introduced to protect both landlords and tenants during COVID-19. Thanks to this NSW Government rebate, landlords won’t be faced with missing mortgage repayments and tenants can be less worried about being evicted due to circumstances outside their power.” 

Claims for the extended Residential Tenancy Support Payment close on 31 December 2021. 

Successful tenant application claims will be paid into an agent’s trust account or landlord’s rent account.  

To be eligible for the Residential Tenancy Support Payment or land tax benefit, landlords will need to provide proof of a tenancy agreement and have agreed to reduce or waive rent payable from 14 July 2021 for a COVID-19 impacted tenant.

COVID-19 impacted tenants will need to show their household income has reduced by 25 per cent or more compared to the four weeks before 26 June 2021 due to COVID-19.  

Tenants making a claim will need to provide proof of a tenancy agreement and have evidence to show they are or have been COVID-19 impacted since 14 July 2021.

Eligible tenants who are unable to get agreement or consent from their landlord or agent can get help from NSW Fair Trading by completing an application for rent negotiation on the website. 

For more information on the package or to apply go to Residential tenancy support package | NSW Fair Trading 

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