Indian Support Centre partner with NSW government advocating Panch Sutra for a Covid safe society

Indian Support Centre (ISC) wishes all a Happy Diwali and a Covid 19 Safe world.   As part of the NSW government initiative, the Indian Support Centre has been chosen as a partner and assigned with a responsibility to Empower and Support local communities in fight against COVID 19.   The message to the communities is contained in the COVID Pancha Sutra as detailed below:  

  • Decreasing the transmission of COVID-19 within home and work settings
  • Increasing the number of individuals testing for COVID-19
  • Increasing Vaccination Rates
  • Reducing Movement of People to Reduce Spread
  • Building capacity to deliver and support the delivery of community- led health communication initiatives.

Says Subbarao, President of ISC, “We request each of you to take responsibility to spread this message to your friends and family for re-establishing good and strong health system in our region / communities.   For many of us, the easing of lockdown restrictions brings longed-for opportunities to see friends and family in real space and get back to work, back to school etc.   But for many of us anticipated changes and re-adjustment can be difficult. We encourage each one of you to follow the basic ground rules in all the above stated SUTRAS call the ISC on 02 94975032 for any assistance you may require!    

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