AHIA community shakes off restrictions with Holi

After a long hiatus, many cancellations due to Covid restrictions and then incessant rains, the Australian Hindi Indian Association (AHIA), celebrated Holi with a bang (literally, as the music really created a dhamaka) on March 19 at the Castle Hill Showgrounds. It was an overpacked hall, masks easily forgotten and all ages equitably represented.

There was heavy downpour during the previous night that continued through the morning. But the AHIA community was undeterred; all were too keen for the colourful meet up, share a hug and a chat and make up for the lost time.

Inside, the tables were laid out for people (almost unrecognisable under layers of colours) to settle down, the corner stall of ‘gol guppe’ and ‘thandai’ being the most popular, although there was a large variety of snacks as well.

The music went alongside that attracted many on the floor. On stage, children performed dances that kept them involved and their families engaged.

Mark Coure, NSW Minister for Multiculturalism and Minister for Seniors had attended multiple Holi functions on the day. He said how successful was multiculturalism in Australia in his brief message on the stage. Earlier, a message from the Federal Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs was read but both political talks were drowned in the background noise as people were in a different mood to celebrate.

As AHIA President Shushma Ahluwalia and many committee members were busy making sure everything was in order, loud Punjabi tunes kept everyone busy dancing on the floor, young and old alike. It was good to see 70-year-olds shaking their shoulders – ‘Maujan hi Maujan’.

There was sumptuous vegetarian lunch, too, after such a variety of snacks! It was a very well organised function, long awaited, an

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