Children’s Festival back in June

Sydney’s highly successful Children’s Festival will make a return in June after more than two
years of cancellations due to Covid.
The Festival President, Thuat Nguyen AM, said today: “ We are excited to announce that we
will bring the Children’s Festival to an important new high-profile location on 26 th June this
“Over the past 23 years we have staged successful children’s festivals in Canterbury,
Bankstown, Marrickville, Campbelltown and Sydney City.
“The new venue is the beautiful Pyrmont Bay Park on the waterfront opposite The Star,
Sydney Casino in Darling Harbor.
“This will be a great location to show off the talent of Sydney’s children and to share the
cultures of our rich multicultural society as well all strive to recover our normal life, post
Covid, “We will announce more details in coming weeks”, he said.

Sandeep Kaur with Festival President, Thuat Nguyen AM

Meanwhile the organisation has set out to help local communities across the city and across
the state and the nation to stage their own public events for children, post Covid, with a
comprehensive publication: “How to Successfully Organise Children‘s Festivals”
The guide was launched at the organisation’s Annual General Meeting, at the weekend.
It provides, chapter and verse, on how to set up an organisation and how to plan and stage a
successful festival for children of all backgrounds. The work is very detailed, very complete
and easy to follow.
It is published on-line at the Children’s Festival website ( and
will be updated and amended whenever there is important new information available.
This is the second publication produced by the organisation over the time of the pandemic
during which six separate festivals had to be cancelled.

The first book – Playing Together and Living in Harmony – launched in December 2020
told the story, in words and pictures, of the first two decades of the event in Canterbury,
Bankstown, Marrickville, Campbelltown and Sydney city.
Mr Thuat Nguyen AM told the Annual General Meeting: “It is no doubt that our Children’s
Festival has effectively contributed to building harmony in the community apart from
providing fun for children and their families.
“These publications have maintained the organisation’s enthusiasm over the past two difficult
years and allowed us to be ready to plan for bigger and better festivals in the future”, he said.

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