$250,000 for Hindu Council’s Karma Kitchen Program promised by Liberal government, once elected

Volunteers serving vegetarian meals at Karma Kitchen run by Hindu Council of Australia, it having distributed 20,000 meals since the service was set up in 2015.

A re-elected Morrison government will provide the Hindu Council of Australia with $250,000 for much needed upgrades to their kitchen and dining hall, which will help to expand their ‘Karma Kitchen’ program.

The Hindu Council established their ‘Karma Kitchen’ in 2015, serving up freshly cooked vegetarian meals to the homeless, elderly and those in need.

Since the initiative began, they have distributed 20,000 meals, handed out blankets in winter, provided temporary accommodation to those in need and supported families across Sydney throughout the pandemic.

Liberal candidate for Parramatta, Maria Kovacic, said the Hindu Council of Australia is an asset to the Australian community, with more than 1,000 volunteers across the country.

“This is an organisation that has helped hundreds of Australians in their time of need,” Ms Kovacic said.

“I know the last few years have been particularly challenging for all Australians, and the wonderful work the Council are doing here in Western Sydney, is providing real support to our community.

“I hope the funding from the Morrison Government will go a long way in supporting more Australians in times of need.”

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