A rendezvous with India’s leading stand-up comedian Amit Tandon

By Reena Koak

Amit Tandon is arguably one of the top stand-up comedians of India. After performing in 28 countries across the globe, he travelled Australia-wide in the month of May with yet another hilarious laugh riot, Masala Sandwich.  Amit performed in Sydney’s Silverwater’s C3 auditorium organised by Heart & Soul Productions. He drew laughs at the show with great knack of story-telling how he finally came to terms with his mid-life crisis. There is plenty of masala Amit draws by observing his immediate family that include his wife and kids growing up. From teenage kids to health issues, the Sydney show was about everything he has faced as he turned in his 40s. It was a night of sheer laughter packed with wry humour that is derived from Indian settings, Sydney audience just loved him and his punchlines with which we Indians though living abroad can very well relate to.

Here is an interview with Amit, you can see his comedy on youtube if you missed his performance of Masala Sandwich:

Q. Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane, Maitland. Are you enjoying your Australia tour? Wonderful standing ovations in all cities you have performed till now. So much love from fans and followers. How does it feel?

Amit:  I am really enjoying my Australia tour. This is my first international tour after the lockdown. So I was missing touring for last 3 years. Standing ovation is cherry on the top. So great that people like me, like my content. This time I had changed my content a bit. It was more storytelling to see how they respond to it and it’s been phenomenal.

Q. Where do you find inspirations for your scripts?

Amit – Inspirations from all my scripts comes from my own life, my surroundings, whether I’m at airport, at shopping mall at home. I try to keep my eyes and ears open and get inspiration from all around. It also comes from my home as lot of jokes are from my home, my family and kids.

Q. Work from home has become a norm since pandemic? How does a comedian do work from home?

Amit – Work from home initially was tough. But I later got into creative content creation like podcast, IPL commentary and I also got an opportunity to start writing for movies, worked as a consultant on movies, did shoot a show for Netflix and Sony. That’s how I used my time while working from home. I used lot of technology like Zoom shows which in the beginning were tough but evolved with time as lockdown extended. Some companies still prefer to do online Zoom shows to keep their reach larger and I am still working for them.

Q. Saw you on ABC’s India Now shot in Australia? What’s unfolding in India right now?

Amit: India is going through an interesting period. Comedians are looked as content creators. Lot of us are writing movies, books, podcasts. Overall, its great as lot of work has evolved lately in our industry for comedians.

Amit Tandon with Heart & Soul’s Arun Nanda

Q. Good Night India at 10:30 PM on Sony show? What’s your agenda with epic time chosen for night humour? Do you like your fans sleeping thinking about you?

Amit: The name of the Show was kept as this is the last thing you should be watching when going to sleep. The last thing you see at night should be pleasant as many people watch news which can make you worry. Late night comedy show came into place as we want people smiling before they go to sleep. Season 1 with 126 episodes went very well.it was given an extension of 24 episodes as it was supposed be 102 episodes. Hopefully we will comeback with second season.

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