Guru Sakshi Shri of Science Divine Visits Australia

By Rekha Rajvanshi

In May of this year, Guru Sakshi Shri of Science Divine paid a visit to Sydney. On Sunday, May 22, 2022, he had a public appearance and lecture at Parravilla Function Centre, which was packed with people looking for answers.

Guru Sakshi Shri is a modern-day enlightened teacher who does not restrict you from enjoying material wealth while demonstrating the way to enlightenment. He quit the luxuries and powers he had as one of India’s top officials and devoted his life to rescuing others from their drudgeries through meditation and spirituality.

He first felt the presence of heavenly force when he was six years old, and it was such a magnificent experience that it left an impact on his memory. As he grew older, he began to pursue truth and wanted to have the same experience. He read a lot of spiritual books and visited many spiritual Gurus before meeting his own guru, Swami Sudarshanacharya Ji Maharaj, who conferred supernatural skills on him.

Guru Sakshi Shri has been a tireless advocate for the message of love and meditation all over the world, supporting people in the twenty-first century in grasping spirituality in the simplest of terms so that they can apply it to their daily life. Sakshi Shree discussed a variety of scientific approaches that are most appropriate for modern man. Inner healing meditation, Immortality meditation, Manifestation meditation, and Mind-power enhancing meditation are some examples of these techniques. By enduring inner transformation, he has promised to assist humanity in rediscovering a new meaning of joyous living.

Guru Sakshi Shri stressed the cleansing of the body via proper nutrition and exercise, the purification of the mind by the elimination of negative thoughts, and the cleansing of the emotions through the elimination of jealousy, wrath, and rage.

Some followers remarked of Guru ji’s capacity to read auras and foresee the future, and they related stories about how Guru ji revealed their secrets and provided remedies to them. Parravilla gave delicious food and tea to the audience after the speech.

The good news for those who missed Guru ji’s visit to Australia is that he will return in September of this year.

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