Sri Om Care’s ‘Pratiksha’ Respite Home gets a grant of $250,000

Pratiksha Assisted Home Living at Box Hill

By Neena Badhwar

Sri Om Care has come a long way since its inception 15 years ago.  Sri Om Care has been running their four Day Therapy Centres at four locations namely in Pennant Hills, Glenwood, Liverpool and Toongabbie on weekly basis with close to 600 Indian seniors attending the day sessions. These seniors gather in a friendly atmosphere where they meet, exercise, socialize, entertain each other, listen to health and medical talks organized for them for a healthy ageing and simply enjoy time together thus be able to fight loneliness they may feel. They are looked after by six full time trained staff who also provide morning tea and lunch.

Sri Om has evolved into an ‘Assisted Living’ concept, looking at the need for and satisfaction of Culture Specific Aged Care, which allows care recipients to feel more comfortable, ‘easily communicate’ and ‘be understood’ in a more favourable cultural context. They will be looked after by carers who speak multiple cultural specific languages as well.

Early this year Sri Om Care decided to go into a full assisted living home and called it ‘Sri Om Pratiksha’ that they built at Box Hill which will house 8-10 residents who may need assistance and support in times of emergency.  In times when the family cannot support the person after surgery or after a hospital admission. Or it could just be a temporary stay and respite care if the family of the senior person needing care has to go overseas or on a holiday.

Sri Om Pratiksha home will be fully operational in October this year with facilities such as provision of a stay with proper hospital bed, 24/7 care facilities, Indian vegetarian meals cooked fresh on the premises. Other services include showering, one on one care, physiotherapy, exercise sessions, yoga and entertainment. Residents will be cared for by the trained staff and nurses with doctor available if in need.

Sri Om Care was recently awarded a $250,000 grant of a part of a $500,000 full grant by the by the Multicultural NSW to bring Pratiksha Home to a fully operational aged-care home providing Respite care making necessary modfcations to the precinct so that people can live in a safe environment as per the standard modifications required by the NSW Aged-Care facilities’ requirements. Says Jay Raman, Vice President of Sri Om Care Foundation, “Sri Om Pratiksha Home will be fitted with much needed railings in the bathrooms and shower screens, a ramp for a wheelchair access to the venue for people who are unable to walk. We have hired architects and builders to look into the changes required.”

The Federal Labor party before the elections this year by its candidate Andrew Charlton, from the seat of Parramatta, recognized the pressing need of the growing population in the Western Sydney. And thus the role by Sri Om Care in providing Respite and Assisted Living among the Indian subcontinent as well South Asian community. Currently Sri Om Care looks after 100’s of seniors in their homes through homecare and brokerage services.

Labor pledged during the elections to fund and support Sri Om Care,recognizing the need of culturally diverse community, in accessing aged care services that meet their culturally, linguistic and religious needs.

Dr. Charlton’s press release mentioned, “Subject to the usual due diligence and administrative advice by the Department of Health, Labor’s investment will allow the organization to better serve the needs of this growing community.”
“By providing a $6-million-dollar grant that will make real difference to the lives of South Asian Seniors thus making aged-care less like a facility and more like their own home. “
Sri Om Care’s innovative model for assisted living built on the belief of providing a caring home that the South Asian seniors thrive in a home environment and be surrounded by people that hold similar cultural values.
Now the wait is on for the promised funding from the next Federal budget by the Labor government (to be out in October this year) as Sri Om Care Foundation holds its presentation of ‘Roadmap for the Seniors’ with an aim to set up homes like ‘Sri Om Pratiksha’ around Sydney with high South-Asian population on July 31st from 5.30pm onwards with a dinner and dance performances. The event will be attended by local MPs, other politicians, councillors and members of the community to help further Sri Om Care’s goal in the much needed worthwhile project targeted at the Indian sub-continent community.
Says Jay Raman, Vice-President of Sri Om Care Foundation, “Our Chairperson H.H. Sri Om Adisakthiyendra Swamigal is coming this weekend to inaugurate the major event “Road Map solutions” on 31 st July.

Sri Om care has plans to set up and serve the communities in Canberra and Melbourne by the end of this year.

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