Consulate General of India celebrates India’s 75 years of Independence at Sydney’s Powerhouse museum

15th of August evening, organized by the Consulate General of India, saw a huge gathering of guests comprising of ministers from the NSW government and Opposition, councillors, academics, members of Australia India Business Council and select members of the community invited to celebrate India’s 76th independence year. The Power House Museum ran an exhibition of ‘Charkha and Kargha’ with master weavers demonstrating live on the looms specially brought from India in celebration of Indian Independence The delicate exhibit pieces in various weaves displayed to showcase a variety of textiles and garments, some as old as 180 years with guests taking a peep in to see Charkha and Kargha featuring live demonstrations of spinning and weaving by the Master Vankar Vishram Valji.

Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC QC, Governor of New South Wales, accompanied by Mr Dennis Wilson attended the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence, on the night.

Consul General Manish Gupta addressed the guests as the evening commenced with him talking about India as the rising powerhouse with a strong GDP growth on its way to become the fastest growing economy and the friendship that both India and Australia share now when the strategic partnership and bilateral relations between the two countries grow stronger by the day.  “The level of high-level delegations are providing strong partnerhip between the two countries,” he mentioned how various shires and suburbs in Sydney from Strathfield to Parramatta, Blacktown to Hornbsy had participated in Indian celebration of India’s 75 years of Independence.

Hon. Margaret Beazley gave an eloquent speech on India’s achievements, its economic growth, India on its way to become the third economic powerhouse and that besides the three C’s of Cricket, Commonwealth and Curry, it was the game of Chess.  She said Chess was invented in India from the board game Chaturanga, India with a long history of 3000 years, that it resonates with wisdom, a rising culture, a history that has seen from east and the west, a period of dominance, and a period of subjugation. ”India is very different country now from those days, a land of contrasts and contradictions”.

Hon. Beazley spoke highly of the Indian diaspora here, “In terms of Indian contribution here in Australia, Indians are seventh highest as taxpayers after the British, they make a significant contribution to the Australian economy, you as professionals, you as entrepreneurs, you as service-providers, My Gosh! you cook an authentic curry.”

“You are keen to contribute into Australia’s future. The Strategic Partnership Indian Economic Report 2018 which talks of harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of India with willingness to innovate and take risks.”

“Over the years I have had the privileges and opportunities to speak with judges and academics from India,  the pride you have in your history of your country, in your democracy, and your future. It is a privilege to be part of tonight’s celebration,” said Hon. Beazley.

Hon. Minister Mark Coure touched on strong economic bonds being developed with the recent trip by the NSW Premier Mr. Perottet and his delegation to India looking at growing bilateral trade through various ventures in technology and other sectors.

The speeches were interspersed with dances from India and a fashion extravaganza by the young models,  with beautiful brides in regional sarees escorted in arms with handsome grooms in sherwanis showcasing the rich traditions in  ‘legacy of thread – Virasati Dhaage’ presented by Preeti Thadani. The beautiful tableau was in line with the display at the exhibition inside various weaves of Paithanis, the Kanjiwarams, the Kasavu, and the Banarasi saris which are a special weave from the villages of Varanasi. A showcase that an ancient tradition thousands of years ago by the artisans, as Gandhiji cleverly used the spinning wheel as the symbol of mass awakening of the masses to demand independence. A movement  thus turning India into a strong economy of today, a powerful nation that has been successful in sending ‘Mangalyaan 1’ to Mars, the model of it by ISRO displayed at the exhibition for all to see – from the ancient to the modern, a technologically and economically strong India of today.

Pic Courtesy: Harmohan Walia 

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