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Sri Om Care Centre in Clarence burnt down in Mt. Gosper’s fire, looking for donations to rebuild

On Saturday, December 21, 2019, the Sri Om community received the tragic news that one of their activity centre, 184 Kerma Crescent, Clarence (near Lithgow), the main premise had been completely destroyed in the Mt. Gospers monster fire that has currently burned through over 500,000 hectares of land. Fortunately, none of the members or the […]

Watch out for Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Panday

Watch out Sydney as the star kids of Bollywood hit the screens this year. Whether they have the same charisma as their parents will be decided by you, the audience. At the moment the Papparazi chase them all over the tinsel town and make them front page news of every film mag and gossip columns. […]

Migrants, refugees and deaths on migration routes

Geneva – The International Organization for Migration reported today 110,669 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea during the year just ended, marking the sixth straight year that at least 100,000 arrivals were recorded on three Mediterranean Sea Routes. The total is only slightly below the 116,273 men, women and children who crossed the Mediterranean in this […]

विश्व रंग भोपाल – वैश्विक साहित्य और कला का संगम

रेखा राजवंशी  सात से दस नवम्बर तक आयोजित टैगोर अंतर्राष्ट्रीय साहित्य और कला महोत्सव आयोजित किया गया था, जिसमें प्रतिभागी के रूप में मुझे भी आमंत्रित किया गया था। इस भव्य आयोजन का श्रेय टैगोर विश्वविद्यालय के कुलपति व उत्सव  निर्देशक संतोष चौबे जी व उनकी टीम को जाता है जिन्होंने बड़ी कुशलता से समस्त […]

Sthree Chakra – The wheel of womanhood

By Sudha Kumar ‘Sthree Chakra’- The wheel of womanhood  a solo Bharatanatyam performance was presented by Vidya Gokul of Samskriti School of Dance in November 2019 at the Pioneer Theatre in Sydney, Australia. ‘Sthree Chakra’ traced the experiences of a woman as the wheel rolls along the path of life. It was a celebration of […]

फेस बुक, एक शाप या वरदान !

संत राम बजाज  दर्शन सिंह और मुत्तुस्वामी मेरे अच्छे दोस्तों में से हैं जिन्हें आप मिल चुके हैं| दर्शन सिंह बड़े हंसमुख और बेफिक्रे किस्म के इंसान हैं जबकि मुत्तुस्वामी थोड़े सीरियस और ‘पढ़ाकू’ किस्म के, लेकिन हम तीनों में खूब पटती है और हम कई विषयों पर मिल बैठ आपस में वार्तालाप करते रहते […]

Cricket legend Brian Lara inaugurates Mantr Group’s new office in Sydney

By Manju Mittal The Mantr Group Security launched new office in the heart of Sydney, Mascot on December 4, 2019 inaugurated by cricket legend, Brian Lara.  The event was brilliantly organised by Mantr Group Security Pawan Mishra. Mantr Group provides a complete package of security solutions of home, business, events, commercial buildings, high-rise residential apartments […]

Akshay Kumar: Bearing a child and raising it should be a collective effort

By Neeru Saluja He’s the actor with the midas touch. With 11 hits in a row since his film Airlift in 2016, the superstar and the box office love each other. Be it the action ‘Khiladi’ hero, comic ‘Singh’ who is the king, the romantic gentleman, leading the laughter house with all the Housefulls, or […]

Sydney poets gather in the company of Prof. Phulchand Manav and his wife Prof. Yogeshwar Kaur

By Neena Badhwar Indian Crescent Society of Australia Inc. (ICSOA) organized on December 15, a candid ‘Shayar/Kavi’ Meet to honour talented couple Prof. Phulchand Manav and his wife Prof. Yogeshwar Kaur visiting Australia from Mohali, Chandigarh. Prof. Manav, M.A. in Hindi, Punjabi, Literature and with Ph.D. in Hindi and having studied Journalism is an award […]

Lucky escape from White Island two days before volcanic eruption

By Shoma Barat Two days after the author’s visit, the White Island crater exploded killing and injuring many visitors to the island that day. Following is an account of how she felt visiting this unique and a wonderful island that reminded her how earth was born millions of years ago. The author offers respect and […]

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