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Jackie Shroff: My mother’s heart is in me

Neeru Saluja interviews veteran actor Jackie Shroff where he talks about his role in the upcoming film Radhe, his equation with his younger co-stars, his career spanning over four decades, the secret to his endless energy and why he has never shied away from character roles. Watch this heart-to-heart conversation where #apnabhidu also gives credit […]

Mass vaccination centre opens in Sydney Olympic Park

The mass vaccination centre at Sydney Olympic Park has opened today with thousands of people booked in to receive the COVID-19 vaccine this week. During its first weeks of operation, the Centre will focus on delivering Pfizer vaccinations to priority groups including healthcare workers, emergency services workers as well as quarantine and border workers and […]

Lady Luck ‘n Stocks

By Ritu Ghai Women and money is a complex combination. Ennobled as Laxmi – the Goddess of Wealth, she is ironically often kept away from it and rarely become a primary stakeholder in matters of finance. Due to societal pressures, she finds it hard to rebel. Jostling between her role as a home-maker essentially and […]

Durga wins vs Ram

By Vijay Badhwar Strategically, it was a folly to introduce the slogan ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in rallies led by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supremo Amit Shah in the Durga heartland of Mamata Banerjee. India is riddled with many religious divides and even within one there are strong preferences that do us apart. Unfortunately! In Ayodhaya, […]

Bradman Museum & Foundation Commits Support to Indian COVID-19 Crisis

The Bradman Museum & Foundation will donate the takings from the Bradman Museum for the 1 and 2 May (up to $10,000) to the UNICEF Australia India COVID-19 Crisis Fund. The Bradman Museum Foundation has also established an online call to action – the Bradman India COVID Appeal – to help the cricket community raise […]

Sari, Sherwani and Sangeet for a good cause

By Neena Badhwar As you walk into the hall the song with the words that float in your ears ‘जीवन का मतलब तोआना और जाना है, दो पल के जीवन से इक उम्र चुरानी है’ beautiful Khushboo Chopra is singing. The message is quite profound. It is a sad start to days of distressing scenes […]

Three cheers for four ladies on a ‘night out’

By Neena Badhwar This was a ‘night out’, girls not painting the town red but stranded on an Indian railway station, in a ladies’ waiting room, as you know the trains in India are forever known to be late, this one delayed by six hours. It is raining heavily, lightening and all, all stuck in […]

Meet Depinder Chhibber who is smiling her way through MasterChef Australia!

By Neeru Saluja With a dream to place Indian home cooking on a global platform, MasterChef contestant Depinder Chhibber is here to stay. A creative and experimental cook, Depinder is smiling her way through the contest impressing the judges with her versatile dishes. Depinder’s cooking journey started from learning traditional recipes from her mum to […]

Within, there is trigger to stop suffering

By Vijay Badhwar It was in 1996, probably, that I went for my first 10-day Vipassana meditation in Blackheath. I had heard about the life-changing meditation from my role model uncle (who died recently from COVID in Detroit). May be it was his memory that drove me to register again for another 10-day course in […]

Sydney’s Genesian Theatre Company opens, ‘A Passage to India’…

By Taufeeq Ahmed Sheikh Directed by Mark Nagle, ‘A Passage to India’ gives the audience an insight of the 1920 era of British Raj and prevailing attitudes in India, while also touching on the intertwined socio economic behaviours amongst the then pluralistic Indians. Premiering in Sydney, by Genesian Theatre Company (GTC), ‘A Passage to India’ […]

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