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Dadi Janki’s message rings true even today during the Coronavirus crisis

By Neena Badhwar Dadi Janki, Rajayogini and administrative head of the B K Raja Yoga Centres across the world, passed away at the age of 104. She breathed her last at 2 am on Friday at a hospital in Mount Abu suffering breathing problems and stomach related issues for the last two months. I had […]

क़यामत से कयामत तक…

संतराम बजाज इंद्रलोक में चारों ओर कोहराम मच गया। देवताओं में खलबली ओर घबराहट का माहौल छा गया, जब नारद जी “नारायण ! नारायण !!” कहते पधारे और सूचना दी कि ब्रह्मा जी ने आपातकालीन (Emergency) मीटिंग बुलाई है।  क्या हो सकता है, किसी को कुछ पता नहीं। भगवान् विष्णु और भगवान् शंकर तो पहले […]

भगवान् के घर में

भगवान् के घर में नार्वेजियन लेखक थूर ओगे बैरिंग्ज़वरेद   चर्च का सेवादार दानपात्र के पास बैठा ऊँघ रहा था। आज बला की गर्मी थी।  आज का पादरी नया होने के साथ-२ नवयुवक भी था जिसका स्वर उत्साह से परिपूर्ण था।  कथा के बीच यदि कोई ध्यानमग्न अपनी अंधमुंदी आँखों से बैठ सकता था तो […]

Coronavirus update from the Government on social distancing, economic support to people, businesses

Compulsory Shut-downs The Prime Minister announced there will be strict new social distancing and travel measures put in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus: Social and other public gatherings have been significantly restricted. The following venues are now restricting from opening: Pubs, registered and licenced clubs (excluding bottle shops attached to these venues), hotels […]

Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) statistics by the Ministry of Health on March 27

As at 8pm, Friday 27 March 2020, an additional 212 cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed, since 8pm 26 March, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in NSW to 1,617. Confirmed cases (incl. interstate residents in NSW health care facilities) 1,617 Cases tested and excluded 84,907 Total 86,524 There are currently 147 COVID-19 cases […]

Delayed may be but justice prevails

By Vijay Badhwar Justice prevailed. Finally, after seven long years. Four men found guilty of rape and murder of a 23-year-old physiotherapist intern, Jyoti Singh, popularly known as Nirbhaya (fearless), were hanged early morning at 5.30 am on March 20 in Tihar Gaol in Delhi bringing to conclusion a seven-year-long trial. They were: Akshay Kumar […]

Are we pressing panic buttons on Coronavirus pandemic?

By Kersi Meher-Homji   Readers think that I am a cricket nut specializing in statistics and figures. True. But I am also a research Virologist, retired now. It seems panic has spread the pandemic faster than Coronavirus. That word is on everyone’s lips. Well, not literally, as kissing is forbidden these days! I heard a […]

IITs spread their wings in India

By Vijay Badhwar Some 40 Delhi IITians, from generations spanning five decades, hosted a reception for the visiting Director Prof V Ramgopal Rao at Zaaffran Indian Restaurant at Darling Harbour on 13 March. Prof Rao updated on the latest news from India’s premier institution – its changing emphasis from merely being a technology institute to […]

Events List for the Indian community in 2020 by Fame Events

  Here’s a list of events happening in the year from March 2020 to November 2020, the list compiled by Manjit Singh Chopra of Fame Events, do make a note in your diary, can even book tickets by visiting their Facebook page. (There is a disclaimer though that the list is based on the information […]

Women champions honoured at the inaugural ‘Innate Power of Women Forum’

Milli Dakshin with proud parents Bindi Shah and Susan Day It is good to see champions from the Indian community being recognised for all the worthwhile work they do for the benefit of community in Australia. It was a proud moment for Khushi and Milli Dakshin who received The Young Champion Award, Bindi Shah along […]

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