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नाम में क्या रखा है ?    ….संत राम बजाज

शेक्सपीयर  (Shakespeare) का नाम किस ने नहीं सुना? उन्हीं का कहना है कि ‘वट इज़  इन ए नेम’ यानी नाम में क्या रखा है? गुलाब को यदि गुलाब न कह कोई दूसरा नाम देंगे तो क्या उस की खुशबू गुलाब जैसी नहीं रहेगी ? अब देखिये, यदि यही बात मैं ने कही  होती  तो क्या […]

भले लोग…. संतराम बजाज

बात क्रिसमस से दो दिन पहले की है| दरवाज़े पर दस्तक हुई, दरवाज़ा खोला तो देखा मेरा पड़ोसी खड़ा हुआ था| “हाई ट्रेवर! आओ, अन्दर आओ| कैसे आना हुआ?” मैं ने पूछा| “आपका साइड गेट बंद था, बैकयार्ड में जा नहीं सका|” ओह! क्या तुम्हारी बिल्ली फिर आ कर कुछ गड़बड़ कर बैठी है?,” मैं […]

NSW Government seeks Covid help from community language teachers

The Premier, Gladys Berejiklian has held an online meeting with around seven hundred of the State’s community-language teachers. Organised by the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools, the meeting was also joined online by the Minister for Customer Service, Victor Dominello, the new Minister for Multiculturalism, Natalie Ward MLC and the CEO of Multicultural NSW, […]

Make sure to enter Hindi as the language spoken at home in this Census on August 10

By Neena Badhwar Census 2021 and Hindi language as the spoken language in Indian homes – ऑस्ट्रेलिया में बसे भारतियों से और आप सबसे एक आग्रह ऑस्ट्रेलिया की जनगणना १० अगस्त को होगी । जनगणना मात्र एक ही माध्यम है जिससे हिंदी भाषी लोगों का पता चलता है।भारत से बसे हुए लोग अधिकतर बहुभाषी है।English […]

Hindi teaching at Australian National University, Canberra

Rekha Rajvanshi and Dr. Shailja Chaturvedi with Professor Peter Friendlander Hindi in Australia ”“ Part 1 Present & Future of Hindi Language at ANU By Rekha Rajvanshi Hindi is second most spoken language of the world. More than 490 million people around the world speak Hindi. The campaigners all around the world have once again […]

Sydney goes virtual to celebrate Hindi Diwas – 2020

Hindi Divas 2020 in Australia was celebrated all across the country with Indian consulates in capital cities organised events, panel discussions and interaction with the NRIs here who are associated in the field of Hindi. Teachers, academics, experts all came together. But the new norm is interaction through zoom in virtual sessions. Children who are […]

Community languages multicultural grants stream two now open

Stream two of the Community Languages Multicultural Grants program is now open. The grants are part of the Australian Government’s commitment to provide $10 million over two years to community language schools to help young Australians learn another language. Through stream two, community language schools can apply for funding of up to $25,000 for projects […]

Deepti Naval to charm you in person with her poetry

When the ‘Chashme Baddoor’ girl lit up the screen with her ‘Chamko’ soap campaign and then last year her brief appearance in Nicole Kidman’s movie ‘Lion’, audiences realised that her serious charm was still intact. We are talking of Deepti Naval, who is known more as an actress for her starring roles in Hindi super […]

Sydney celebrates Holi with Phagun Bahar

‘Phagun Bahar’ Holi get together organised by Indian Literary & Art Society (ILASA Inc) and Hindi Samaj on March 31, 2019 at Dundas Community Centre was a crowded event. Close to hundred people turned up with ten local poets entertaining Sydneysiders in the spirit of joyous mood in which this extremely popular festival of India […]

Darcy Rd Public School Wentworthville celebrates Hindi Divas

        By Neena Badhwar Darcy Road Public School in Wentworthville celebrated Hindi Divas on September 14. Whole school assembly had children, their parents and invited guests witness a colourful, informative and entertaining cultural program put together by Hindi teacher Kulwinder Kaur. Kulwinder worked on organising the event for the last few months […]

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