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The Bitter Sweet ‘Laddu’ enthrals Sydneysiders

By Rekha Rajvanshi Once again, Vipul Vyas, a veteran director, producer and actor has made a mark by producing his new play, for the charity ”˜Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, Australia (EVF).’ A well-scripted, directed and acted play ”˜Shaadi ka Laddu aur Laddu ki Shaadi’ was staged on Saturday, July 28 at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic […]

These Indians are good at making us all laugh

By Anu Jose The Indian All Star Comedy Showcase gave an Indian flavour to the Melbourne Comedy Festival and a new notion that Indians are capable of stand up. Starring Sorabh Pant, Azeem Banatwalla, Rahul Subramanian and Aditi Mittal the audience were kept laughing and at times shuddering as they made fun of Indians, Australians, […]

Holi celebrated by ILASA had humour laced at places with serious poetry by local poets

  Indian Literary and Art Society of Australia (ILASA) Inc celebrated Holi in their artistic style on March 11th this year. As the saying goes ”˜Bura Na Mano Holi hai’ (do not mind it is Holi), Holi is the festival of friendship and love. Many Kavi Sammelans are organized in India around Holi where poets […]

An all-star cast of Indian comedy superstars are Melbourne-bound, direct from the Bengaluru Comedy Festival!

Featuring the hottest artists from the subcontinent, this vibrant showcase shines a light on the red-hot state of the Indian comedy scene. A one-of-a-kind chance to see the future of world comedy! Taking to the stage in Melbourne are: Founding member of ”˜East India Comedy’,  Sorabh Pant  – best known for his incredible energy and […]

Comedy Zone Asia returns to Melbourne for the fourth time

The fantastically funny performers delivering a captivating serve of comedy culture this year, include: Azeem Banatwalla (India),  one of India’s premier comedy stars known for his sharp comedy writing, intelligent stand-up and natural charisma. A member of the popular comedy collective ”˜East India Comedy’, he recently landed his own Amazon Prime stand-up special.  Watch Azeem […]

Cricket consumption increasing around the world

By Melvin Durai Cricket is the most popular sport in India, but is there a chance that it could one day become the most popular food, too? Probably not, but don’t be surprised if cricket consumption increases considerably over the next few decades. I’m referring, of course, to the insects known as crickets, those noisy […]

Too many possessions that we don’t need

By Melvin Durai My wife and I recently moved from one house to another. The two houses are three miles apart within the same college town, but it was nevertheless a stressful move. That’s because we’ve accumulated too many possessions in our 17 years of marriage. Only three of our possessions are priceless, and moving […]

When Sydney couldn’t stop laughing to Amit Tandon’s comedy!

By Neeru Saluja Stand-up comedian Amit Tandon created ripples of non-stop laughter with his debut performance in Sydney. As he touched many chords by recalling what it is living and growing up in India, the ”˜married guy’ lived up to his reputation with highly relevant comedy that he had prepared for the audience here. With […]

Talented chicken can teach us a lot

By Melvin Durai If you’ve been on the Internet a lot lately, you’re probably familiar with Jokgu the chicken. Jokgu is a musician and as close to being a celebrity as a chicken can get. Jokgu is the Taylor Swift of chickens, except that Jokgu does not sing about ex-boyfriends. Jokgu’s talent isn’t in singing […]

A cheap cellphone makes life easier

By Melvin Durai My 12-year-old daughter, Divya, had been asking me for a cellphone for a couple of years and I finally decided to buy her one, not because I thought she absolutely needed one, but because I was tired of her borrowing mine. “Daddy, can I use your phone for just a minute?” she […]

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